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Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan, Hubei Project

Project location: Wuhan, Hubei

Time of completion: September 2019

Designer: DEPT.OF Lighting Planning & Design, THUPDI

Cooperators in construction: Beijing Xinshikong Technology Co., Ltd., HES Technology Group Corp., Ltd., Hubei Haoliang Construction Engineering Development Co., Ltd., Hubei Hongqiu Illumination Engineering Co., Ltd., Leyard Lighting Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Cheng

Xu Electrics Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Shixin Landscape Lighting Co., Ltd., Camry Construction Engineering (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.,

Wuhan Enbass Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Gold Oriental Intelligent Environmental Co., Ltd., Wuhan Shende Lianchuang Energy

Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., Wuhan Hanyang Municipal Construction Group Corporation, Wuhan

Sinpong Environmental Art Engineering Co., Ltd., Wuhan Yao Cheng Science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Wuhan YIKE

Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd., etc.

The main provider of centralized control systems and products for this project: Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd

Project Descripiton:We have picture scrolls of light and shadow, with design as its guide.

It is reported that DEPT.OF Lighting Planning & Design, THUPDI (hereinafter referred to as: DLPD) presided over the planning guidelines for outdoor lighting in Wuhan City and the outdoor lighting design in key areas, adding luster to the Games and improving Wuhan's city image and citizens' life. Wuhan has brilliant human resources, vigorous natural resources and abundant vitality at night as well as other basic conditions. The lighting planning of the Games was carried out by DLPD from the following three aspects: 1) show the world grand narration and cohesion style; 2) help the city with balanced distance and sustainable management; 3) make people happy with citizens' activities and night economy.

Show Wuhan's diversified characteristics from different angles taking the regional culture of ancient folk songs and Chu Kingdom’s style as a unified cultural base.Two Rivers & Four Banks: as the name card of Wuhan City and the main public place for citizens' entertainment, the world's largest light show was set up there, with a strong and colorful charm of ancient folk songs and Chu Kingdom’s style, highlighting the boldness of Wuhan's great rivers.East Lake: show the peace, elegance and aestheticism of the oriental landscape painting focusing on mountains and waters in Chu Kingdom’s style and painting the East Lake.Sports Center: It consists of a stadium, a gymnasium and a swimming pool and other ancillary buildings. It transmits peace to people of all ethnic groups in the world through sports events.Routes of guarantee: the construction philosophy is based on 25 key guarantee routes, covering all the core construction areas in the latest Wuhan City Master Pan (2017-2035), which not only forms the basic network for the successful hosting of the Games and the promotion of the city, but also serves as a concentrated demonstration of Wuhan's urban construction and development achievements.