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LED Pixel Lights

EXC-LED pixel light is a high-brightness, daylight-visible, fully customizable media dot solution to create media facades or perimeter lighting on large buildings and structures for long-distance viewing. As the LED pixel light factories, EXC provides pixel LED wholesale for customers.

Each dot of pixel LED series is individually-addressable making this durable, scalable solutions for vivid accent, test graphics and video replay in installation of any size and complexity.

Types of LED Pixel Lights

  • This EXC pixel LED series light XS is small in size, light in weight and lower in power consumption, which is widely used in advertising and decoration lighting projects, square landscape projects, municipal lighting projects, etc.
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  • New structure design, available wire suspension installation. EXC pixel LED series light Light S is used for various linear or curved contours, shaped building surface lighting display project.
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  • EXC pixel LED series Light M can form dots, lines and surfaces of various shapes to display text patterns. In the actual project, LED Pixel Dots Light M can form rectangle, square, bar and other regular shapes, also can form sphere, triangle surface and other shapes to display animation.
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  • EXC pixel LED series light L are intelligent lamps that can replace certain specifications of displays by mixing colors of pixel dots to achieve the effect of dots and surfaces. LED pixel lights use imported solid glue waterproof, product performance and life more guaranteed, more to meet the outdoor installation.
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  • EXC pixel LED series light XL adopt the popular ultra-thin and transparent design, which is suitable for more occasions and has little effect on the building during the daytime after installation, giving the building a more spiritual artistic effect.
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Landscape LED Pixel Light Application Scenarios

The application scenarios of landscape LED pixel lighting in the field of the lighting engineering industry are important and wide. A LED dot light is a pixel point. By the system control, landscape LED pixel lighting can present a colorful lighting screen, instead of the function of the display. At the same time, it can be in multiple buildings, modeling into the shape between the long-distance synchronous cascade with each other, presenting a very creative, beautiful light show.

Features of LED Pixel Light in Building

  • Highlight the city's point, line, surface.

    Neon advertising, lightbox signs, internal lighting, external lighting of buildings, etc. make the central area form a piece of bright area mosaic in the road network so that the central structure of the city is clear at a glance.

  • Clarify the city outline

    The city lighting project at night will clearly outline the city outline, clearly distinct from the surrounding areas. When looking at the city from a high place at night, the outlined line is complete and clear, intuitively reflecting the shape and scale of the city.

  • Highlight the city structure

    The construction of building lighting design emphasizes the main, quintessential part of the city so that the city structure is highlighted, easy to identify, both a sense of orientation and a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense.

LED Dot Light Installation Method

  • Aluminum slot track type installation

    Using this method to install the LED point light source when you need to first fix the bottom shell on the facade of the building wall, and then the LED point light source will be stuck into the large hole in advance of the aluminum slot, and then it will be directly and firmly fastened to the top of the bottom shell can be.

  • Direct installation with screws

    This installation method general engineering company in order to reduce costs, you can also use glass glue fixed, the disadvantage is that the power cord and point light source connection line exposed outside.

  • The whole board punching type installation

    The use of the whole plate punching this way to install LED point light source, usually in the iron, aluminum or stainless steel plate according to the calculated location to punch.

  • Snap pull wire type installation

    This installation method has certain limitations, generally used in glass curtain walls and overhanging places of LED point light source installation.


Lighting creates exciting spaces, making people spend more time there, eating, drinking and taking in the sights. Using beautiful, energy-efficient lighting to create vibrant social spaces can also have a dramatic effect on a city’s reputation. It enhances tourism and nightlife, generating valuable income for hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

FAQs of Dot LED Pixel Lights

  • What are the applications of LED pixel light?

    Pixel LED series are widely used in many scenarios, such as pixel LED light gates, pixel LED light board, and other dots of light on buildings, highways, bridges, ferries wheels, signs, etc. EXC is the professional LED pixel light factories that offers a wide range of LED pixel lights. We are also specialized in pixel LED light programming, pixel light connection, etc. We offer high-quality pixel LED light at a low price. To know more about pixel lighting, please contact us now!

  • What are the advantages of pixel LED series lights?

    Easy in chain string connection, the pixel LED types light can be day-visible, Build in dmx chip inside the luminares, Each pixel LED types light has a sepreate address to write according to projects requirement. Scalable pixel LED types light can lightly present many dynamic element such as number, graphics even video.

  • What is LED pixel?

    LED pixel dot light is a new type of decorative light, a supplement to linear light and flood light. The pixel led serial lights are widely used in buildings, bridges, stage theaters, commercial plazas and other landscape smart lighting, including a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting fields. LED pixel dot light has been used throughout the country and many foreign countries.

  • How do pixel lights work?

    Point distance and pixel density are the physical characteristics of a splash screen. Information capacity is the number of units of information carrying capacity that can be flashed at one time per unit area of pixel density. The smaller the dot distance, the higher the pixel density, the more information capacity can be flashed per unit area at one time, and the closer the suitable viewing distance. The larger the point distance, the lower the pixel density, the less information capacity can be flashed per unit area at one time, and the more distant the suitable viewing distance.