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What are LED stadium lights?

For modern people, the increasingly stressful pace of the economy and life has forced everyone to release their stress through various ways of sports (or participation, or appreciation). Whether it is to participate in sports by yourself or to watch a sports game, you need a stadium.

And whether from the point of view of the sport itself, or from the viewer's appreciation, the stadium needs a set of scientific and reasonable lighting design scheme. For modern stadiums, we not only hope that it is beautiful and generous appearance, internal facilities, but also hope that it has a good lighting environment. For example, reasonable and uniform illumination, scientific color temperature of lamps and lanterns, eliminate glare, etc..

In addition to ensuring that sports participants (including athletes and referees, etc.) can play well to the true level, to avoid unnecessary safety accidents, but also need to ensure that the audience good viewing effect. More importantly, a qualified stadium lighting design must meet the lighting effects required for various television broadcasts and live broadcasts.

Key Elements of Arena Lights Design

The lighting project is to rely on lamps, and light to achieve, a brilliant stadium lighting design is to ensure that the light the same time effectively acts on the eyes of the athletes, referees, and spectators, and produces visual feedback, in order to see everything in the stadium. Such as the field environment of light and dark, objects, buildings, apparatus and clothing, and other surface colors, viewing the shape and size of the target, depth, three-dimensional sense and the state of athletes and the atmosphere of the stadium, etc.

Therefore, the lighting design is closely related to the sports program. A modern stadium is inseparable from the high efficiency and quality of the lighting system.

For a modern stadium, we will require its lighting design to consider the following three key points.

1. Whether the lighting can fully meet the visual requirements of sports participants, such as athletes and referees. At the same time, the negative impact of lighting on sports participants is reduced to a minimum, such as excess illumination and glare.

2. Can the lighting system meet the visual requirements of the audience's appreciation, so that the game process is fully presented, including the athletes' expressions, clothing, props, etc.. And, we also require lighting to minimize the negative impact on the audience.

3. In addition, for some competition items, the number of people watching the game on-site may be very few. Therefore, the lighting system also needs to meet the lighting requirements of television broadcasts and live broadcasts to improve video quality.

Advantages of LED Outdoor Arena Lights

LED stage light is a kind of stage lighting, is the LED lamp beads as a light source applied to the stage lighting of a new type of lamps and lanterns, with the improvement of LED technology and cost reduction, LED technology lights will play an increasingly significant role in the stage lighting industry. LED stage light performance is closely integrated with LED technology, colorful, red, green, and blue three colors can be mixed in 16.7 million different colors. Low power, low driving voltage, high luminous efficiency, and energy-saving. Safe and radiation-free, no UV light. High life span, the theoretical service life of up to 100,000 hours. Compared with the traditional stage lamps and lanterns, LED stage lights the market price is high.

LED stage lighting alternative acceptance stage in the same use as the traditional stage light source, LED stage lighting features embodied: low-carbon environmental protection, energy-saving, long life, etc., making the market easy to accept it. Especially in commercial settings, the ground is about product quality advantages. LED stage lighting utility model stage on the basis of the previous stage, the market has a certain recognition and acceptance of LED stage lighting products. LED stage lighting environmental protection, small size, high reliability, and other characteristics gradually come to the fore. The lighting industry will also appear larger and broader a development application space, the light source is no longer just play a lighting role, with urban culture construction is increasingly important, and the streets have been placed with lights to beautify the city.