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Landscape lighting refers to outdoor lighting projects that have both lighting functions and artistic decoration functions. Landscape lighting can be divided into garden landscape lighting, road landscape lighting, architectural landscape lighting, cultural tourism landscape lighting. Landscape lighting has always been an important way to show characteristics of buildings and even the entire city. With the increasing demands for architectural and landscpe lighting, single-color lights no longer meet the growing needs of multiple scene changes. Two-color, three-color RGB, four-color RGBW and other multi-color LED light products are more and more favored.

By superposing and combining different colors of LEDs, the RGB color mixing system can achieve more and richer colors. We can get and  mix a variety of colors by changing the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B). RGBW color mixing can even ensure the brightness of white light and further mix any other colors. More color mixing methods are constantly emerging. There are 5 or 7 more colors have been mixed, which can achieve higher quality white light and richer colors.

EXC Lighting has LED flood lights of various colors such as white light, RGB color mixing, RGBW color mixing, etc. to help you create landscape lighting projects that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and shows your unique city styles. Colorful lighting is not equal to landscape lighting. EXC Lighting believes that landscape lighting has to focus on humanistic aesthetics, light atmosphere and safety and comfort. Only in this way, can landscape lighting project makes the the city magnificent. Contact EXC Lighting for more LED landscape lighting solutions.

Types of LED Flood Light Colors

RGB LED Flood Light

RGBW LED Flood Light

RGBWW LED Flood Light

White LED Flood Light

White LED Flood Light (with different LED light temperature range)

LED light color temperature is a unit of measure that expresses the color components contained in light. LED light color temperature is measured in "K" (Kelvin). LED light kelvin scale can also be seen as a measure of temperature. When a black object is heated to different temperatures, it will emit different colors of light. Just like when you heat a block of iron, the block first turns red, then yellow, and finally white.

It is generally believed that the lower the LED light color temperature, the warmer the light; the higher the LED light color temperature, the cooler the light. The color temperature below 3000K makes LED light look warm, the color temperature of 3000~6000K makes LED light look cool, and the color temperature exceeds 6000K makes LED light look cold.

The LED light color temperature used for landscape lighting is generally around 2200-6500k, which helps to provide a clearer view at night and have lower energy consumption.

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