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EXC Cup: Golden Finger Award Departs for Guangzhou, EXC Defines Management and Control Platform 5.0

On the afternoon of March 30, 2022, sponsored by China Lighting Network and named by Shenzhen Eclete Technology Co., Ltd., "EXC Cup·The 12th Golden Finger Award" - 2022 China Lighting Industry Annual Large-scale Selection Designer South China Division The promotion competition and the national tour promotion salon were successfully held in Guangzhou. Fang Chao, Product Software Director of EXC LED Lighting Manufacturer Intelligent Research Institute, Liu Cong, Director of South China Region of Smart Lighting Sales Center, and Pan Yingzhan, Sales Director of South China Region of Smart Lighting Sales Center, attended the event together with sales elites in South China Region.

As one of the high-profile events in China's lighting industry, industry leaders, experts, business representatives and outstanding designers from South China gathered together to participate in the exciting event of the lighting industry.

1. Intelligent lighting control system: the brain of the city, the core of light


At the meeting, Fang Chao, product software director of EXC Intelligent Research Institute, gave a wonderful speech on the theme of "Brain of City, Core of Light—— EXC-ECCP5.0 Intelligent Lighting Integrated Management and Control Platform". The LED lighting control system platform is known as the "urban lighting operation and maintenance brain". With its powerful intelligence integration and technological innovation, it is unique in the industry!


EXC-ECCP5.0 smart lighting comprehensive management and control platform adopts the latest Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The smart lighting control system realizes smart lighting, smart power, operation and maintenance management, lighting show console, data map, and smart monitoring And other integrated intelligent management, which greatly improves energy conservation, environmental protection and management efficiency. Cases such as the 14th National Games of Xi'an and Wuhan East Lake Cherry Garden have applied this platform to achieve the growth and scalability of platform capabilities and application scope, creating a future-oriented urban comprehensive management and control platform.

2. Intelligent lighting control system: collision of ideas, sparks of wisdom

Design, not behind closed doors. The collision of ideas can spark the spark of wisdom. Six outstanding designers from South China took the stage to talk about their respective works and design concepts.

In this event, EXC also participated with its wholly-owned subsidiary Ikelai, and exhibited classic products such as smart light strips and smart screens, showing the charm of light and shadow.

At this event, lighting people gathered in Yangcheng, not only bringing new products and new ideas, but also describing the future of lighting in their own eyes. EXC will also join hands with colleagues in the lighting industry to forge ahead, adhere to the original intention, and create a new pattern of multi-field integration of the LED lighting control system industry chain!

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