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International Summit

As the world's No.1 outdoor LED point light source manufacturer and the No.1 brand of high-end LED landscape lighting products in China, EXC helped to "light up" the summit and depicted a long and bright scroll.

Landscape lights are set on the facade of the building, and the large lighting linkage control system is used to realize centralized control through the AICA city building cluster lighting control system, which makes the lighting of each node linked up and synchronized lighting intelligent control through 4G wireless network.

EXC has new technical innovation: super large scale adopts two-way fault feedback technology; super large scale adopts 4G wireless linkage control technology; adopting multi-class way networking technology for perfect integration; to realize real-time report pushing and remote debugging support for the first time.

Summit Lighting Solutions

The requirements of EXC for the products and construction process are high specification, advanced technology and strict control. 

The special requirements of the luminaire products are that the wall washer lamp adopts multi-basic color and multi-pixel design, and the point light source adopts industry-leading technology such as high grayscale and visual brightness consistency. While the optical application requirements reach beyond the international first-class level. Each lamp required for the project has to pass strict safety and optical testing. Besides the random sampling during installation, which is a challenge for the LED landscape lighting products that have been lacking standards. The entire project has very high requirements for product quality, light efficiency and reliability. In the construction process, to ensure project safety, quality and schedule, from the beginning of the program, to the process of construction guidance, supervision and commissioning.

EXC arranged a number of engineering and technical personnel with experience in large projects to participate in the whole process to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Leading Summit Lighting Supply Creates Miracle

At present, EXC is leading the supplier in 4G wireless interconnected intelligent lighting control system technology, which has a variety of intelligent energy-saving control modes, which can independently change different energy-saving modes according to the density of pedestrian flow and control the overall energy consumption of lamps and lanterns, so as to achieve very high energy-saving effect.

In the lighting project, the control system adopted by EXC has the following technical highlights.

  • The first multi-network fusion linkage project, realizing 4G network networking, wireless network bridge networking, Internet and other multi-network networking linkage lighting control project. Versatility, technical complexity and compatibility are the first breakthrough.

  • The first interconnected intelligent lighting control system, which can be combined with intelligent lamps and lanterns independently to achieve adaptive subjective viewing distance adjustment.

  • The first interconnected lighting project, real-time segmentation, remote distribution, real-time update technology, overcome the video timely segmentation and Internet distribution, real-time control and other technical difficulties, are the first domestic application of large-scale night lighting.

  • All building nodes arbitrary arrangement and combination, both unified presentation of the overall video screen, but also building nodes can be arbitrarily grouped, presenting a local area building node group independent animation;

  • Multi-way redundancy synchronization technology: network synchronization, GPS satellite synchronization double backup, to provide system stability, reliability, can effectively avoid the risk of linkage;

  • Control system dynamic monitoring can achieve control, monitoring in real time, to facilitate project operation monitoring.