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Bridge lighting is an important element of the city night scene, but also an important urban public space, lighting design and installation combined with the bridge modeling structure, outlining the bridge outline, lighting, without destroying the beauty of the bridge itself, the bridge at night the main shape of the drenching through the light rendering out, forming a good landscape effect.

Decorative Bridge Lighting Design

Bridge lighting design must first meet the functional lighting requirements of the bridge, so that the roadway lighting part of the lighting facilities with good illumination.

The culmination of the art of bridge shaping can produce a variety of graphics, more reflective of the individuality of bridge architecture, the overall aesthetic and substantive beauty.

Whether it is the appreciation of lighting fixtures, such as road lighting street lamps, or hidden engineering type lamps, such as floodlights, are reflecting the pursuit of culture and art in highway bridge lighting project, perfect contemporary engineering architectural landscape, and bridge lighting landscape into the overall, to prevent the bridge lighting project is carried out after the lighting fixtures become a burden, affecting the beauty.

Due to the rapid development of urban architecture structure technology, there are various forms of bridge modeling, which continues to introduce new forces for highway bridge landscaping, but also for landscape planning to create a new stage of performance. Bridge main lighting requirements to highlight its characteristics, strengthen the shape, the pursuit of lighting artistry and functionality of the combination.

Application of Bridge Lighting Fixtures

Highlighting the city's image and influence

The strategic influence of bridges in the layout of large cities makes highway bridge landscaping into a key component of urban brightening projects. Highway bridge regardless of crossing the scenic river surface, or is located in the traffic travel busy city road, because of its location key, visual effect brand image highlighting, generally is the key landscape flash point of large cities.

Highway bridge landscape street light is an organic combination of lighting fixture scientific research and highway bridge modeling art, the lighting project of highway bridge must be carried out in all aspects to take into account, effective composition. Highway bridges to point line surface integration leading, dynamic lighting fixtures and static data lighting fixtures with each other landscape lighting layout highlights the high priority of highway bridges, the most embodied the individualized beauty of highway bridges and substantial beauty shows the style and grandeur of highway bridges.