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Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd.


EXC is fully equipped to develop the led controlling hardware and software including EXC-2905T1, EXC-5200, Color DCS, City Cluster Lighting Control System, All the controlling devices are made in EXC.

Types of Controller

  • City Cluster Lighting Control System is after development for many years in the field of urban cluster light control, EXC has obtained obvious advantages in technology, Application, and commissioning,...
  • The EXC-2905T1 controller is designed for large and medium-sized outdoor lighting engineering projects. Using advanced digital video processing technology and FPGA technology, optimize the algorithm m...
  • EXC-5200W is the off-line control system we EXC-LED design for the medium-scale lighting system, it adopts advanced digital video processing technology, combined with leading FPGA technology and optim...
  • EXC-6000 is mainly used for the smart city internet lighting control node. Take the brand industrial PC as the hardware platform. Adopting a new generation of digital video processing technology, easy...
  • EXC-8000 is a music intelligent control system specially designed for large-scale music and lighting combined with lighting systems. It uses EXC-8000 as the hardware platform, adopts a new generation ...
  • EXC-10000 is a music intelligent control system specially designed for large-scale music and lighting combined with lighting systems. It uses EXC-10000P as the hardware platform, adopts a new generati...
  • EXC-12000 is a music intelligent control system specially designed for large-scale music and lighting combined with lighting systems. It uses EXC-12000 as the hardware platform, adopts a new generatio...

Applications of Digital Lighting Controller

Digital lighting controller can be applied in the following scenes:

  • Shopping mall: led digital controllers to provide various lighting effects for large shopping malls, and create a relaxed shopping atmosphere.

  • Hospital: lighting controllers are indispensable to modern hospitals. Through the one-touch operation, the preset effects can be achieved at once.

  • School: led smart controllers are people-oriented, ventilating at a proper time, and always keeping a comfortable temperature.

  • Villa: led lights and controllers support basic services including remote monitoring, dimming control, HVAC control, etc.

  • Square: outdoor led controllers can also be applied in night scenes, squares. The outdoor lighting control systems control automatically the setting scenes.          

Advantages of EXC Digital Lighting Controllers

As a lighting control company and supplier, EXC provides high-quality controllers with perfect lighting control services. Here are some advantages of EXC products:

  • Automatic lighting control: EXC light dimmer controllers can set different scenes in advance, switching the fade-in and fade-out time to make lighting softer.

  • Beatify the environment: EXC led light chaser controllers are able to create artistic effects for the surroundings through changing scenes.

  • Extend the life of lamps: EXC universal led light controllers use light sensors to adjust the lighting intensity and thus save energy.

  • Consistency of illuminance: EXC lighting control devices rely on lumen sensors to keep the constancy of indoor lighting.

  • Integral control: EXC lighting control products can monitor the entire system through a computer network, issuing fault warnings in case of an emergency.  

EXC LED Pixel Light-Controller Selection Guide

With the popularization of LED lights, pixel light controllers are widely used by customers. How to choose a suitable pixel-led light controller? EXC high power led pixel light controllers for low voltage led products: multiple circuits of led comprise an led product. Low voltage and simple structure are the main advantages; while the disadvantages are that it is restricted to small size products, like sign letters. EXC high voltage led product controllers: there are two current limit ways in terms of the led lighting control system, resistor current limit, and combined limit of resistors and capacitors. The first one is the most stable and reliable at present, while the second one is used in a stable long light state.