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With the change in urban life patterns, people's nighttime activities are getting longer and longer, especially the extension of nighttime consumption time in commercial spaces, making nighttime landscape lighting especially important. Rich city night landscape lighting helps to shape the highlights of the city scenery, people's pursuit of living comfort and the progress of technology, but also make the city's landscape lighting towards the direction of art, wisdom.

Elements of Lighting Design Landscape

Landscape lighting to consider the effect of lighting at different distances, different angles of viewing, to show the respective characteristics of each project at night, while not destroying the effect of the daytime landscape, the reliability of installation, ease of maintenance and safety of operation should be fully considered.

Landscape lighting is to meet the needs of visitors to enjoy the landscape at night, therefore, must emphasize the people-oriented, for people to provide both elegant, comfortable lighting environment, but also to provide to ensure the safety of the light environment. In the design, the lighting design effect can be achieved by reasonably setting the position of lamps and lanterns, choosing cut-off lamps and lanterns, adding shades and grilles, etc., and avoiding the generation of light pollution and safety hazards.