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Controller EXC-4000WT

Four-color design: energy saving, environmental and pure color.

Synchronous with asynchronous integrated control: online priority; it will be shifted to offline effects when without online signal, achieve the video source backup.

Large self-development and design video editing, playback and layout design software: greater adaptability, more support languages, greater openness. It is applicable for various complicated applications of shaped screen, multi-screen, building screen, pixel light screen etc.

Support mainstream 32, 64-bit operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.

System Features

  • Controller’s output support standard USITT DMX512/1990 Universal Protocol and expand DMX512 Protocol.

  • The system supports automatic, regular, preset programs play.

  • Precise gamma correction algorithm. It better conforms to the visual photographic characteristics of the human body, and the display color is more sufficient and rich, so as to perfectly reflect the animation or video effects of the designer.

  • Support 120-frame frequency at most, to guarantee demands for HD display and 3D display of the image.

  • The controller is equipped with keys and External Remote Control; the episode selection, overall brightness adjustment, white balance adjustment and playback speed adjustment etc.

  • The LCD display module timely display the controller parameters and status.

  • Support four-color lighting: energy saving, environmental and pure color.

  • 8-port output, single port output is standard 512-channel, expand protocol load points by client basis chip characteristics self-testing.

  • SD card storage, support maximum 32G, preset maximum 255 program files.

  • Support remote online download and offline program update.

  • The built-in animation test program may help customer to debug and apply in project.


Input Voltage

AC 100V~240V

Maximum Power








Fixed Hole Spacing


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