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The New Night Banquet in Jinan Was Refurbished and Opened, and the Colorful Light Show Lit Up the West of Jinan

Jinan City, referred to as "Ji" or "Spring City", is the capital of Shandong Province, one of the fifteen sub-provincial cities in the country, and the central city in the southern wing of the Bohai Rim region. Jinan West Railway Station is located in the west of the main urban area of Jinan and the south of Huaiyin District. It is under the jurisdiction of Jinan Railway Bureau. It is now a special station, about 10 kilometers away from the downtown area of Jinan. The West Railway Station area is a key area for the development of Jinan City. Among them, the east square of West Railway Station is adjacent to several business districts and residential areas, and has become an important city window business card that highlights Qilu culture, has the characteristics of Jinan and the image of the provincial capital.


Modern landscape lighting is an important carrier to show the overall image of a city. As the core area of the new western city, the West Railway Station area bears the important task of the development strategy of "Xixing"! In order to further enhance the image of the city and improve the city's quality, recently, Huaiyin District has focused on implementing the night scene lighting upgrade project of the West Railway Station area in accordance with the idea of "highlighting key points, improving nodes, creating highlights, and highlighting characteristics". Landmark buildings carry out lighting engineering construction to enhance the unity and coordination of the night landscape, presenting a multi-point blending trend, constructing a uniquely representative and tasteful "beautiful west city", and effectively improving the urban quality of the "west gate" of Jinan. Let's create a warm urban living room together!

With the coming of 2022, Jinan West New City has conquered the hearts of the general public and travelers with its radiant and beautiful night scene! Under the starry sky, a large-scale light show was staged on the Shandong Expressway Plaza and other buildings around Jinan West Railway Station as the central axis. A series of colorful scrolls were slowly unfolded among the buildings, forming a light show ensemble with the naked-eye 3D in the East Plaza of the West Railway Station. The large-scale light show unveiled this time focuses on the interpretation of the light show, which forms an ensemble with the naked-eye 3D and six bottles of lighting in the East Square, which makes the landscape lighting of the western urban area take shape, further improves the city's taste, and increases the charm of the city at night. As night fell and the lights came on, it was bright as far as the eyes could see. Passengers walking to and from the West Railway Station looked at it and praised it. Light and shadow dance and intertwine on the facade of the building, and the colorful lights are radiant in the night. This is the Penglai fairyland in the eyes of the elderly, the moonlight treasure box that the middle-aged people yearn for, and this is the metaverse in the hearts of young people.


The upgrading and renovation project of modern landscape lighting in the West Railway Station area is displayed with modern lighting technology, using lighting to interpret the hospitality of Shandong and displaying regional cultural elements. Shenzhen Acclete Technology Co., Ltd. has provided more than 50,000 sets of RGBW four-in-one linear lamps for Shandong Hi-Speed Plaza Building. The design and application of modern lighting lamps are appropriate, which not only hides the lamp itself, but also fully displays the light elements of the lamp. , Through ingenious design, modern products are integrated with the classical cultural symbols displayed by the architectural structure. All the new LED decorative lights installed on the facade curtain wall of the building are lit up, and tens of thousands of light tubes are combined to weave ever-changing gorgeous light and shadow.

Shandong Hi-Speed Plaza is a landmark building in the new city in the west of Jinan. It is affectionately called "Three Sticks of Incense" by netizens. It is adjacent to the Shandong Provincial Grand Theater and Jinan No. 3 Pavilion, with Weihai Road in the north and Rizhao Road in the south. The project consists of three towers, four-story podium, four-story underground space and a central square, with a total construction area of about 393,000 square meters. Among them, Tower 1 is a 5A-level business office building with a height of 110 meters; Tower 2 is a five-star hotel with a height of 200 meters; Tower 3 is a 5A-level business office building with a height of 150 meters. So far, Shandong Hi-Speed Plaza has a height of 200 meters and is the tallest building in the Jinan West Railway Station area.

The linear light provided by EXC for this project has unique technical advantages such as state feedback, high gray and high brush, dynamic light distribution, and wide-voltage power supply. The wall height, uniformity, and the appearance color of the lamp body are perfectly integrated with the architectural background to achieve a harmonious, healthy and comfortable lighting performance.


Looking at the west of Jinan, the lights on the exterior walls of buildings such as Shandong High Speed Plaza on both sides of the East Square of Jinan West Railway Station, the Qilu Gate project, and the three towers on the north side of the Provincial Cultural Theater are connected in series. Against the background of the night, a majestic and brilliant picture slowly unfolded, and a shocking and majestic movement reached its climax. The modern landscape lighting in the western urban area becomes more dazzling at night!

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