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Hotel lighting is a large proportion of the application module in the field of LED commercial lighting, with the development of society, hotel lighting on the application of LED lighting fixtures are becoming more and more common. A good hotel, decoration design needs to do "both inside and outside", and specifically to the hotel lighting design, is also the same requirement. With the perfect exterior lighting of the hotel, but also to enhance the hotel's class, to attract the attention of tourists. Therefore, exterior lighting is vital for hotels, especially star hotels.

What is hospitality lighting?

The first thing to consider in hotel lighting is the appearance of the building and outdoor landscape, through the corresponding lighting, at night can highlight the general outline of the entire hotel building and the characteristic landscape. Highlight the style and positioning of the hotel, so that it can stand out from the surrounding architectural environment, to the passing tourists to convey the invitation message in line with their preferences. It also gives the overall building of that hotel a unique soul and charm, attracting the attention of visitors and increasing the occupancy rate of the hotel. Usually, the exterior architectural parts of the hotel are not all illuminated, and the focus should be on highlighting the lighting at the bottom and top. A good lighting design can bring you a steady flow of guests and become a local benchmark building and a Netflix hitting landmark.

Design Form of Hospitality LED Lighting

Lighting design form, we will star hotel exterior lighting design form is divided into: flood lighting, contour lighting, internal translucent lighting and several other. Hotel lighting designers only combine all lighting considerations, with the use of the ideal lighting effect can be achieved. Flood lighting is used to project light (flood) lights at a certain angle directly on the building façade, showing the full picture of the hotel building, highlighting the building material texture, as well as the unique decorative details, showing the three-dimensional sense of the hotel building. Appropriate lighting color can be increased to form a contrast, appearing less monotonous.

Architectural outline lighting is to use point light source or light band, along the building shape and decorative details installed, outlining the architectural outline. With a narrow beam light irradiation building edge can also play a role in outlining the contours.

Internal translucent lighting is the use of indoor light, through the glass screen or door and window corridor, transmitting light to the outside, forming a delicate and transparent night lighting effect.