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EXC's LED flood light voltage are divided into two groups: DC 24V and AC 220V. Limited by excessive current, DC 24V LED flood light is mostly used for LED lights with power less than 72W. DC 24V is at a human-safe voltage, so it is safer to use and conforms to safety regulations, and is not easy to cause safety accidents such as electric shock and leakage. What's more, the overall cost of DC 24V led lights is relatively cheaper. No high-voltage power supply is required inside the led light body. DC 24V led light body is small in size, and are collectively powered by external powers, which means the overall cost-effectiveness is relatively high.  AC 220V is mostly used for high-power led flood lights. AC 220V LED lights are directly mains access, so it is  convenient and quick for led light project construction and wiring. The voltage input range of AC 220V LED flood lights is higher, and their internal power supply supports power supply in a wide voltage range. AC 220V LED lights are not affected by factors such as voltage drop and line loss, and can support Long-distance multi-luminaire cascade transmission.

Our LED flood lights are mainly used for building facades, bridges, stages and so on, and has a lot of light beam colors to choose. Welcome to Contact EXC Lighting to make your own architectural and landscape lighting projects!

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