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Controller EXC-Y220C

Use Color DCS, a special host computer software for landscape, to make offline program files. The software sets the basic information such as the number of controllers, the number of lighting ports, the number of lighting, the channel of light points, the size of the screen, etc.


  • Working voltage:DC7-24V,AC/DC12V input,

  • Maximum support: 1024 channels        

  • Work model:read SD card ,Built in testing effect;

  • Address test:Support DMX address testing;

Interface Description

Cursor moves up/number increases
When long press, the number increases rapidly
Cursor moves down/number decreases
When long press, the number decreases rapidly
SIM card socket
SD card socket
Running lights
Power Indicator
Signal output 1 port
Signal output 2 ports
4G antenna interface
GPS antenna interface
DC 7-24V power input port
AC/DC adaptive 12V power input

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