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Controller EXC-6000

EXC-6000 is mainly used for the smart city internet lighting control node. Take the brand industrial PC as the hardware platform. Adopting a new generation of digital video processing technology, easy intelligent professional lighting control software with optimized algorithm model as the core, real-time massive data processing technology, perfect restoration of video source color processing, synchronous and smooth reproduction of perfect video; the system is intelligent and open, with timing Intelligent functions such as switch machine, intelligent brightness adjustment, timing effect replacement, etc., and can realize customized function expansion. The system inherits mature network signal transmission technology and adopts a distributed wiring system. The system is simple, reliable, and stable. It is equipped with standard switches and EXC-2900 sub-controllers and supports all EXC lamps and standard DMX512 lamps.

Specification Optical Parameters of Controller EXC-6000

  • Communication Protocol: TCP/IP

  • Communication Port: 1000Mbps ethernet portx2

  • Storage Method: Hard Disk

  • Control Software: Software

  • Online Play: Support

  • Wi-Fi Sync: Support

Electrical Parameters of Controller EXC-6000

  • Working Voltage: AC 220V

  • Rated Power: 300W


  • Control Method: DMX512

  • Gray Scale: 8Bits/12Bits/16Bits

  • Control System: EXC-ALL the lights control system

  • Standard Accessories: Keyboardx1/Mousex1/Instructionx1/Power cordx2/19in Displayx1/VGA Cable

Structural Parameters of Controller EXC-6000

  • Shell Material: IPC Chassis/Commercial Computer case

  • Surface Color: Black/Silver-Gray

  • Structure Size: 481x509x175mm

  • Total Weight: 17kg

Environmental Parameters of Controller EXC-6000

  • Working Temperature: 5°C to 50°C

  • Humidity Range: 30%-80%

  • Protection Rating: Interior

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