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What is LED Pixel Light? What Are Its Characteristics?

1. Characteristics of LED dot lights

LED pixel lights are also called low-power point light sources, secondary package point light sources. It is a new type of lighting fixture, the most commonly used are 2cm, 3cm, 5cm, 8cm and other specifications. The LED pixel lamp has a built-in microcomputer IC chip. Through programming control, full-colour effects such as colour gradients, jumps, scans, and water flow can be realized. The display screen of a certain specification can also be replaced by an array of multiple pixels and a combination of shapes. It can also change various patterns, text, animation, and video effects.

2. The application advantages of LED dot lights

The LED dot light generally use anti-UV encapsulation material, which makes the LED lamps and lanterns in outdoor use for 10 years without self-cracking.

Most of the outdoor pixel LED types of EXC adopt the popular ultra-thin and transparent design, which is suitable for many occasions. After the pixel lamp is installed, it has little impact on the building during the day. If installed properly, this kind of light can even be used as a decoration during the day, giving the building a better artistic effect.

Outdoor pixel lights have the advantages that traditional LED products do not have. This allows designers to install pixel led series lights in any part of the underwater, underground, and buildings in the design of landscape lighting. So that the designer's imagination can be fully utilized, the design inspiration can be perfectly interpreted, and the spectacular landscape lighting works can be realized.

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