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What is an LED Dot Light?

LED dot light is a new type of decorative light, a supplement to linear light source and flood lighting. LED point light source products are widely used in buildings, bridges, stage theaters, commercial plazas and other landscape wisdom lighting a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting areas, has been applied in many countries.

1. The color mixing effect of LED dot light

Dot point spacing: the distance from the center of a dot to the center of another dot, which we now call "P several", such as P3, P6. Point distance is the distance between two dots to reflect the dot density. Through the dot point mixed color, intelligent lighting can achieve the effect of the point and surface can replace a certain specification. This is the color mixing effect of LED pixel dots.

2. The physical characteristics of LED dot light

The dot distance and the pixel density of the LED pixel are the physical characteristics of the flashing screen, and the information capacity is the one-time flashing information carrying unit of the pixel density per unit area. The smaller the dot distance, the higher the pixel density. The more information capacity per unit area can flash at one time, the closer the suitable viewing distance. The larger the dot distance, the lower the pixel density. The smaller the information capacity that can be flashed per unit area at one time, the farther the suitable viewing distance is.

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