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What Are the Advantages of Led Dot Light?

Dot light source manufacturers have completely different advantages in the design of the LED dot light. The dot light source is a new decorative light and linear light source, which can be used as an effective supplement to flood lighting. Therefore, what are the advantages of such a dot light source design? 

Ⅰ. LED dot light is small in size  

In the actual design process of the LED dot light, compared with the traditional light source, the whole dot light source is relatively small in size and light in weight, so that it can be made into various parts of different shapes of parts. Also, in the actual production process, it is convenient for various lights and equipment to make relevant arrangements, and the design can also bring better design effects. The type of dot light source is relatively adaptable and has a particularly wide range of applications. 

Ⅱ. LED dot light has good environmental protection performance 

LED dot light has a relatively good environmental performance in the process of setting up. The LED dot light itself does not need to add metal mercury in the production process by LED flood lights supplier, so it will not cause mercury pollution after the whole LED is discarded. In addition, their waste can be almost all recycled, which can not only effectively save existing resources, but also protect the environment. The environmental performance is much better than before. 

Ⅲ. LED dot light is safe and stable 

In the actual use of LED dot light, it only uses low-voltage direct current to effectively drive. In general, the power supply voltage is controlled between 6 volts and 24 volts, so the safety performance is relatively good, and it is especially suitable for use in public places. In addition, if the external environment is relatively good during the whole process of using LED dot light. In this case, the light source can also have a longer service life compared to the traditional light source, frequent switching will not affect the service life even in this case. 

Ⅳ. LED dot light has good seismic performance

In the actual use of LED dot light, the seismic performance is relatively good due to its semiconductor materials that are placed on the lead frame. In this case, all environments are made of epoxy resin seals. In terms of structure, there is no glass casing and no need to pump through the whole tube like an incandescent light or a fluorescent light, and no specific gas will enter. Therefore, the seismic performance or impact resistance of the whole light source is relatively good, and they will also bring greater convenience in the process of production and transportation, which can meet the actual needs of each place. In this way, the advantages of LED dot light can be used invisibly to emit directional light, and the utilization rate is much higher than that of the traditional light source. 

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