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"Lace Veil" floats over Chengdu: Lace Bridge

When it comes to bridges in Chengdu, you may think of Wuchazi Bridge, Calla Lily Bridge, Cheng'anyu Bridge with "romantic ginkgo yellow" and other bridges with beautiful appearance.


The protagonist of the bridge we are going to talk about belongs to another one. As soon as it appeared, it became popular on the Internet because of its appearance, and was affectionately called "Lace Bridge" by the citizens.


 Just as the Chinese poem written goes, flying bridges and weaving clouds cross the street, one bridge and one scene reflect the river color. The pretty bridge built in Chengdu, becoming a different beautiful scenery in the eyes of citizens and tourists. "Lace Bridge" is located between Wuhou Avenue of the Ring Expressway. The bridge is 682.549 meters long, 6 meters wide and 9 meters wide. Because it crosses Wenchang Road and Huangyan River, it is grounded, so the project name is also "Wenchang Road Crossing Line" bridge".

exclighting22.pngStanding in the distance and overlooking the entire pedestrian bridge, it is magnificent and full of power. The main color of the bridge is pure white. From a distance, it looks like a veil on the bride's head, elegant and agile. The creative origin of the bridge comes from the veil of the bride's wedding dress, and the contour curve of the lace pattern in the veil is extracted as the design element, which means the good yearning for marriage and love.


In the implementation, the bridge adopts special-shaped trusses to realize the rhombus contour curve. The orderly arrangement of the trusses shows the texture of lace weaving, which makes the bridge have an elegant and romantic form. The rhombus-shaped structure looks like diamonds under the smudge of the light, symbolizing the permanence and firmness of love. The overall internal arch sequence of the bridge reflects a unique sense of architectural style, which is sacred and elegant.

exclighting24.pngBecause of the artistry and unique ornamental value of the bridge design, this project especially tests the craftsmanship and technology of the products in the lighting installation. The selection of lamps and lanterns is based on the texture structure of the bridge body, with the principle of moderate size and easy concealment, and finally adopts the EXC-U20C line lamp of EXC.


The linear light adopts the optical lens completely independently developed by Aike, which greatly improves the light efficiency and uniformity of the product; the multi-level optical design improves the light efficiency and the consistency of the visual viewing effect at long and short distances, and achieves a harmonious, healthy and comfortable lighting interpretation; The appearance color of the lamp body is perfectly integrated with the architectural background, which reduces the influence of the lamp body on the appearance of the installed building facade; the unique luminous plane structure design solves the problems of dust accumulation and debris on the luminous surface of outdoor lamps.


Secondly, the installation angle of the lamps at each point must be accurate, and after repeated debugging, the curve texture of the truss can be accurately displayed. The last is the concealment of the lamps. In addition to the same color treatment, the project construction party adopted special shading measures without changing the building structure, so that the lamps and the bridge body were integrated, so that the light could not be seen.


Under the bright light, the diamond-shaped contour and curve trusses are arranged in an orderly manner against the background of the light, which is neither dark nor biased. With the rhythm of the water pattern, the texture of the lace weaving is just right, showing a completely different from the daytime, elegant and romantic form. The bridge body under the background of the light presents a multi-layered, natural and not dull feeling. The bridge truss has a clear texture and strong ductility; although the traditional cumbersome and complicated expression methods are eliminated, it embodies minimalism to the extreme, allowing the whole The night is full of silence and purity. Walking on the bridge, the sense of romance and ritual arises spontaneously. The editor is thinking, such a beautiful and romantic bridge is a proper marriage proposal holy place!

exclighting28.pngAt present, although the "Lace Bridge" has not been officially opened to the public, it has been searched on Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu and other platforms, attracting countless tourists to come here to take pictures and check in to see its high value. This "lace" Internet celebrity bridge, which integrates romance and beauty, is simply beautiful. One bridge and one scene show the beauty of Chengdu.

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