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Smart Road Lighting: Anhui Bozhou Yacht Smart Street Lighting Project

1. The design concept of outdoor landscape lighting smart street lights


Bozhou is decorated with flowers like a brocade, and a new chapter is opened! Outdoor landscape lighting is located in the North Square of the Smart City Life Experience Center. It is 8 meters high and has a double-arm design with equal height. The power of each lamp head is 100W, and the top is equipped with a blue ambient light. In the design of lamps and lanterns, lush flowers are used as design elements, which are concise and prosperous, blooming like brocade, revealing fragrance, intoxicating the world. The overall light pole is elegant in shape and full of charm, giving people a sense of slimness, showing the prosperous urban appearance and sense of technology of the smart city.

2. The smart function of outdoor landscape lighting smart street lights


The smart lighting control system smart street lamps provided by EXC for this project are all equipped with Cat.1 single-light controllers with strong performance, easy deployment, wide network coverage, and "new low" power consumption and cost, which can realize the remote control and status monitoring of lamps and lanterns, and powerfully assist the implementation of smart street lamps; configure two sets of double-sided LED displays, and use 4G modules to communicate with the server. Street lights and display devices are mounted to the EXC smart street light cloud control platform for unified management.

Automatically switch lights according to illuminance, time point, longitude and latitude, automatically adjust the brightness according to the flow of people and vehicles, turn on the lights at intervals, automatically report the failure to the background, report the energy consumption, and realize smart lighting, energy saving and emission reduction.

Facing the huge flow of people and vehicles, the LED display screen equipped with the smart street lamp of the intelligent lighting control system has the function of remote information release and becomes the "magic weapon" of the management center, such as property information release, weather environment release, investment promotion advertisement release, and road parking space information. Released to pass on to citizens and tourists as soon as possible. Its huge advertising benefits also provide a new way to generate income.

Improve urban management capabilities and reduce management costs through the construction of urban smart light poles and IoT integrated management cloud platforms, as well as a number of urban applications that meet local actual needs. The automatic dimming technology adopted reduces urban lighting energy consumption by 70%. In this way, it benefits the people and business.

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