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The Use Effect and Control Method of LED Wall Washer Products

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's aesthetics is constantly changing. In the 21st century, we advocate environmental protection, energy-saving and low carbon. LED wall washer will shine in the lighting project. It appears widely in our lives and has become an indispensable lighting product in many places. So what is the effect of using an LED wall washer?

1. The use effect of LED wall washer

First of all, from the perspective of the use effect of the product, such a lighting lamp can be adapted to many occasions, so its adaptability is very good. Many shopping malls have begun to choose lighting products like this, which can reconcile many different glosses. The rich colours of the outdoor linear light give people a very gorgeous visual effect. Its light is very beautiful and natural, and it can even show a variety of vivid dynamic images, which brings people a good feeling.

During the operation of the LED linear project light lamp, we can experience the convenient and technological operation mode of the LED wall washer at any time. The LED wall washer has strong practicability, and the stability of the light is also very good, which can achieve satisfactory results.



2. The control method of LED wall washer

At present, there are two control methods for the wall washer, which are internal control and external control. Internal control is to design the program directly in the lamp, it cannot be adjusted externally, and the lighting effect is fixed and unchangeable. External control is to connect the controller outside the LED wall washer lights outdoor to adjust the illumination effect. The user can choose the control method more according to the specific application.

Under normal circumstances, the general average illuminance of LED wall washer manufacturers: 300lux~350lux. The low luminous flux version of the flow uniform product has an average illuminance of about 334 lux; the high luminous flux version has an average illuminance of about 634 lux, and the brightness is sufficient to meet the needs of high-brightness spaces.

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