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2019.6 Mosque Lighting in Nursultan, Kazakhstan

Lighting of Nursultan mosque in Kazakhstan

Completion time: 2019-6

Lamps used: 510m W30347 B265 / B210 / B150B / B125 / B654000 main control lamps

The light of the mosque and the power of faith

The mosque is one of the Islamic architectural groups. It is the central place for Muslims to hold worship, religious lessons, religious education, and missionary activities. It has an exquisite dome, minaret, and Chapel. The mosque covers an area of 2000 square meters, reflecting the traditional Muslim style.

In Kazakhstan, mosques with unique artistic style and national characteristics emerge endlessly, which not only become a gathering place for people in religious festivals and major activities but also become a tourist attraction attracting tourists from all over the world

On June 28, 2019, Kazakh first President Nazarbayev inspected the newly completed mosque. The population of sareiarjin district has reached 380000. In order to meet the urgent needs of local residents for worship, the construction of the mosque has been supported by the president.

Akulet uses wall washing lamp, projection lamp, and supporting lighting control system to help the lighting of Nursultan mosque in Kazakhstan. Through lighting, akulet can render the unique charm of religious buildings and set off the clean and colorless environment of Islam. When night falls and you look at the mosque from a distance, you can only see the solemn lighting effect, and you can hardly see the lamps and lanterns installed. Even in the daytime, it's very eye-catching to find out these lamps and lanterns.

The lamps and lanterns are embedded into the facade of the building according to the direction of the building. If they can't be embedded, they will also be painted with the same color as the building. The lamps and lanterns have tacit cooperation, but they don't win over the guests.

Different from the gorgeous night scene of the city, the light of Nursultan mosque is introverted and unobtrusive. Choosing the inherent color of Islam as the main color to render the environment light, it is impeccable in color temperature, power, and light control.

Especially in light control, the interval of each lamp has been accurately calculated and repeatedly adjusted to ensure the light efficiency of the lamp. A variety of lamps and lanterns, multi-power, multi-color temperature with tacit understanding, together to create a religious building unique quiet and distant style.

As night falls, the whole building is like a work of art. The shadow and light in the moonlight reflect each other. The light and shadow chase down like silver. The quiet and warm colors, charming space and reflection make you listen to the poetry of light and shadow and feel the power of faith!

2019.6 Mosque Lighting in Nursultan, Kazakhstan

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