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The Merry Tower

At 19:59 on March 20, 40 live streaming platforms, including People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News and Jiamu News, jointly broadcast a large-scale all-media live broadcast titled "City of Heroes · Beautiful Wuhan (Middle Of China)-- Meet to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring" ,

"The Merry Tower", A local landmark igh reached 31 meters and five stories in total, is the symbol of the cherry garden in the East Lake. A cherry blossom is reflected on the top of the tower and falls slowly to open the show. The light show tells the folk tradition of admiring cherry blossoms in China since ancient times

Creativity is always a trait we are seeking for in EXC,you may have a rough idea about lighting your sculpture and enlighten the local habitant. But you are not sure how to do it better