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The 2020 Dubai World Expo Welcomes the China National Pavilion Day, and the "light of China" Shines in the World!


On January 10, 2022, the national flags of China and the United Arab Emirates were raised in the dome square of the Expo site, and the China National Pavilion Day event of Expo 2020 Dubai kicked off. The name of the China Pavilion at the World Expo is "Light of China", and the theme is "Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind - Innovation and Opportunity". It is an important platform for countries around the world to communicate and cooperate and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

The China Pavilion reproduces the "Light of China"

As early as September 16, 2021, AICA was awarded as the designated supplier of the China Pavilion at the 2020 Dubai World Expo, showing the "China Light" to the world.


The appearance of the China Pavilion takes the shape of traditional Chinese lanterns, and uses traditional Chinese architectural elements such as buckets and Chinese flower panes. Lantern is a very representative image in Chinese history, it symbolizes reunion, light, joy and hope. The design creativity of the China Pavilion at the World Expo is a blessing for this event.


The China Pavilion takes the red frame light body of the main building as the point, the dot as the matrix, and the matrix as the surface. Such multiple technical means echo and cooperate with each other, and unfold the picture scroll between heaven and earth. Looking at the China Pavilion from a distance, it is like a luxurious lantern. Walking into the China Pavilion, a wisp of Chinese red wafts throughout the pavilion, and cultural confidence is not only displayed on the face, but engraved in the bones.


On the evening of the 10th, with the countdown to the exterior wall of the China Pavilion, the light show officially began. The murals of Chinese red, panda and Dunhuang, and the exterior walls of the museum are combined with drones and LED images on both sides to show the world the splendid ancient Chinese civilization. Countless red hearts have risen, which is gratitude to medical staff around the world. We miss the past and look forward to the future, light up the world with the light of science and technology, and welcome the future with the light of hope. Outside the venue, thousands of spectators gave thunderous applause and cheers.


This majestic light show is the "Light of China" that China shows to the world. EXC Co., Ltd. provides LED linear lights and supporting lighting control systems for the China Pavilion. With the light of warmth, technology, humanity, hope and friendship, it illuminates Dubai, illuminates the world, and conveys the grandeur of a great country. cultural heritage.


The China Pavilion symbolizes a beacon on the "Belt and Road", illuminating the world, China, and countless national enterprises like EXC. EXC will also provide global customers with stable and reliable comprehensive solutions for intelligent lighting and cloud control systems with industry-leading innovative technology, stable and reliable quality and comprehensive services, and promote the internationalization of China's landscape lighting industry, allowing the world to see the charm of China's intelligent manufacturing and the strength of China's lighting, this is the quality of a big country that EXC shares strives for.

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