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Combination of Classic and Modern: Smart Window Lattice

Window lattice is the frame structure design of traditional Chinese wooden buildings, making windows one of the most important elements in traditional buildings and the aesthetic center of the building. EXC's window lattice garden light, which takes advantage of the elegant and classical beauty of the window lattice, gives the garden light the inspiration for the shape. The overall style inherits the historical architectural context, and through the lighting design, it is fully integrated with the architectural image. In the appropriate warm and cold lights, it shows more lasting appeal.

The quaint window lattice contains the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Through the window lattice, you can see not only the picturesque scenery, but also a strong poetic atmosphere.

Ⅰ. EXC creates window lattice-shaped LED decorative lights for the wetland park project

Recently, elegant and smart window lattice garden lights quietly stand in Jingmen Longfengshan Wetland Park, dancing with the bright moon and enjoyed by lots of tourists. Longfengshan Park is located in Dongbao District, Jingmen City. With Tianjiachong Reservoir as the carrier, it is the "masterpiece" of Changning New City and the "back garden" of Jingmen. The park takes the natural primitive landscape as the background and modern urban leisure and entertainment as the auxiliary to create the most spectacular and beautiful "back garden" in Jingmen.

Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology, one of LED light suppliers, provides window lattice smart garden light products for the project, realizes the development featuring informatization and sharing, and builds a smart city park. The smart garden light window lattice light is 6 meters high, simple in shape, with elegant appearance, 60W light source, 4000K color temperature, using infrared network high-definition intelligent ballhead camera. The pole body is equipped with 24W monochrome LED atmosphere light decorative strip. It is matched with a single-sided LED display, supporting functions such as smart lighting, security monitoring, as well as artistic decoration and landscaping effects, creating a warm, comfortable and romantic night.

Ⅱ. The function of window lattice LED decorative lights

The window lattice LED decorative light product is based on the lighting pole, and the hardware pole body integrates functional modules such as video surveillance, information release, public broadcasting, and environmental monitoring. The software is equipped with a smart light pole management and control platform, which is based on smart lighting functions and takes the latest Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies as the core to intelligently manage various functions and realize intelligent management of the park.

1. Smart lighting function

(1) The artificial intelligence algorithm based on artificial neural network is used to adaptively adjust the light brightness according to terminal information such as illumination, human flow, traffic flow, vehicle speed, weather, location and so on.

(2) According to the weather conditions, intelligently adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light.

(3) Each garden LED decorative light can independently and intelligently adjust the brightness of the light according to the time period, greatly reducing energy consumption and improving the green environmental protection efficiency of urban parks.

2. LED display function

(1) Advertising notices: City park managers can issue important notices and publicity information, etc., and can also realize the economic benefits of advertising.

(2) Emergency release: When the major emergency support system is triggered, emergency notices, guidance information, and mass guidance information can be released according to the prior plan.

(3) Self-publishing: Self-publishing function is available even if the network is disconnected.

3. Security monitoring function

The intelligent security system of garden LED decorative lights adopts the network high-definition video compression processing technology, combined with the latest network transmission, high-definition storage, digital intelligent analysis technology, security technology, etc., to conduct real-time high-definition video monitoring of intersections, sidewalks, and people flow dynamics. Through real-time browsing, recording, intelligent behavior warning and intelligent identification of high-definition images, it is possible to intuitively understand and master the dynamics of the monitored road sections, prevent the occurrence of dangerous events, manage the park more effectively and quickly, reduce the cost of manpower patrol, and improve the security management level in park.

4. Public broadcasting function

(1) Emergency broadcast: Through the monitoring center to broadcast emergency information, emergency notices, government affairs, news, etc., so that the masses can receive relevant news in a timely and effective manner.

(2) Linkage broadcasting: The release screen of linkage information to play linkage information, or linkage emergency help equipment to play warnings to deter illegal information, etc.

(3) Autonomous control: Even if the network is disconnected, it can play autonomously according to the pre-established playback strategy.

5. Environmental monitoring function

The garden LED decorative lights monitor the wind direction, wind speed, temperature, illuminance, PM2.5, noise and other meteorological and environmental information in real time through sensors, and publish them to the display screen in real time, so that citizens can perceive the real-time environmental conditions and weather information through the display screen at the first time, providing better service for the public during travel and play.

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