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EXC Lighting Illluminates Gongqingcheng

Jiujiang Gongqingcheng of Jiangxi Province is located at the bank of Poyang Lake and the south foot of Lushan Mountain. It is an important strategic pivot city of Chang-Jiu integration. It is a pioneer and pilot area of reform and innovation in Jiangxi Province and one of the four national New areas (Ganjiang New Area). In 2021, Gongqingcheng Agriculture and Rural Water Resources Bureau actively responded to the national call to stop catching, built a security platform, installed solar floodlight LED street lamps for villagers at the same time, through voice broadcast no catching back catching policy, install propaganda signs and other ways, to promote the national policy.

Led Flood Lamp

When night comes, LED flood lamps are quietly lit on the bank of Poyang Lake. They stare at the lake quietly. The occasional passers-by are captured by the street lamps with infrared human sensing, and the voice broadcast will sound timely, indicating that people are now in the fishing ban period. Above the light pole, specially made propaganda signs are installed on both sides of the light pole, and the iron plate is painted with propaganda slogans such as "catch big protection without big development" and "stop fishing, protect fishing and restore the ecology". Over the years, this ancient lake has nurtured thousands of fish and birds, as if by broadcasting the sound, to tell people their hard work.

1. The advantages of EXC solar LED flood lamp

In the construction project of the security platform of Gongqingcheng Agriculture and Rural Water Conservancy Bureau, the solar LED flood lamp street lamp provided by EXC is made of Q235 steel, sturdy and durable, with an overall height of 4 meters, and a solar panel bracket is installed on the top to ensure the power supply of the lamp head and sound column. The length of the lamp arm is 1 meter. The solar street lamp is equipped with human sensing radio, which can be set up to play the radio through human sensing and mobile APP according to actual needs. It can work 12 hours a day even on three consecutive rainy days.

2. The overall shape of EXC solar LED flood lamp is simple and smooth

Solar LED flood lamps are not only beautiful, practical, but also greatly convenient for city managers. Solar street lamp adopts LED modular design, convenient after-sales maintenance, at the same time, high precision digital boost constant current control algorithm, high efficiency and high constant current accuracy, make the battery use time more durable, the battery used by the cycle life of more than 2000 times. Energy saving, high efficiency, high quality, beautiful, these characteristics are perfectly reflected in EXC solar street lamp.

Led Flood Lamp

With the implementation of the national no-catch and no-catch policy, nearly 300 families in Gongqingcheng fishermen who make a living by fishing "wash their feet and go ashore". In order to ensure that fishermen can "retire, stay stable and enjoy a comfortable life", Gongqingcheng has formulated a compensation plan for the prohibition and withdrawal of fishing, and set up a re-employment contact platform to actively guide the fishermen who have retired from fishing to transition to re-employment. EXC is very honored to contribute to the implementation of the no-take and no-take policy. In the future, EXC will keep in mind its mission and work harder for the development of the city!

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