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Taking Advantage of the New Trend of Intelligence, Smart Street Lights in Huangshagang Town Set Sail

Leveraging on the successful application of wetlands, Huangshagang Town, Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province aims to build an international fishing port characteristic town and an important tourist destination on the coast of the Yellow Sea, and re-plans the whole town with high standards. The main street has been comprehensively upgraded to create a fishing port-style landscape corridor.

Ⅰ. EXC creative landscape lighting: sailing series smart street lights

The overall shape of the smart street light is a mast with sails, and the front view looks like a fishing boat riding the wind and waves in the sea. Sailing sails represents new vigor and vitality, implying the vigorous development of Huangshagang Town. The extremely tense appearance is tall and upright, full of passion, but also deeply watchful, full of human emotions. The fishing boats setting sail symbolize the development direction of the town, polishing the unique fishing culture business card of Sheyang!

Smart and creative landscape lighting street lamp group includes single lamp controller, ambient lighting, WiFi AP, surveillance camera, LED display, one-key help, public address, environmental weather monitoring sensor and 5G micro base station (reserved) and other equipment connected to the smart gateway , and power supply for front-end equipment, power metering and power-off control, etc. In addition to providing the above-mentioned front-end subsystems for the project, EXC also provided it with a smart street lighting system - a smart street lighting cloud control platform.

The cloud control platform for smart street lamps in Huangsha Port is the core of smart street lamps, and it is the central platform for street lamp monitoring, dispatching, and operation and maintenance data management. Based on smart lighting functions, it integrates functions such as road security, information release, scene atmosphere, and public broadcasting. The system can quickly locate and manage street lights and other equipment through the map.

Ⅱ. The intelligent functions of EXC creative landscape lighting

1. Intelligent and creative landscape lighting

According to the flow of people, perimeter intrusion, seasonal changes, weather conditions and ambient light intensity, etc., the lighting is adjusted to achieve smart lighting, energy saving and emission reduction.


2. Creative landscape lighting scene atmosphere

Sailing series of smart commercial landscape lighting street lamps, customized RGBW ambient light according to the characteristics of Huangsha Port fishing culture city, using a single lamp controller for remote control, to achieve the effect of the ambient light on the side of the light pole that is constantly rhythmic like waves, with rich layers and full of dynamics, echoing with the concept of urban landscape planning, beautifying the city.

3. Creative landscape lighting road security

Video monitoring of roads, real-time monitoring of road vehicles and personnel, and timely research, judgment and recording of the process of emergencies by obtaining effective data and image information can be used as a basis for efficient and timely emergency command and case handling. When a pedestrian on the road triggers the one-key help button, the video camera will be linked to check the scene and respond quickly.

4. Release of creative landscape lighting information

With the information release function, the road management center can release property information, weather environment release, investment promotion advertisement release, road parking space information release, etc. through the LED display.

Equipped with smart commercial landscape lighting with multiple devices, the street lamp integrates multiple poles into one, which can provide new public services in municipal, transportation, security, environmental protection, community and other fields with high efficiency and energy saving, and can provide massive urban operation for the smart city brain in real time Data is the basis for building a digital twin city, and it has outstanding characteristics such as "integration, sharing, intelligence, and harmony".

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