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Precautions for the Purchase and Installation of LED Flood Light Bulb

Ⅰ. The selection of smart LED flood light bulb

(1) Choose the appropriate LED flood light bulb in diffenrent places

Smart LED flood light bulb usually has a high color temperature, which is cold white light and white light, close to the color temperature of the sun. It makes people feel bright and awake. It is mostly used for lighting in shopping malls, schools, office spaces and so on. When used for home lighting, white LED linear project light lamp can be selected according to personal preferences and lighting purposes. However, when used for home lighting at night, it is recommended to choose products with color temperature lower than 5000K. Warm white light and yellow light can make people feel warmer, relaxed, less excited and help them sleep.

For the choice of household LED flood light bulb, it is recommended to use a sunshade or a frosted cover. Although some brightness may be lost, the light may soften, avoiding direct viewing of the source and reducing glare discomfort. It is recommended to read and write lamps with reflectors and lower beams, but be careful not to look directly at the light source. Therefore, it is recommended to choose longer lamp posts to adjust the height range.

(2) Manufacturer selection

It is recommended to select formal manufacturers of smart LED flood light bulb to buy regular goods with a formal invoice. Do not buy too cheap products. You should buy products with "three guarantees", and buy LED flood light bulb with 3C or CQC or lighting products marked with energy-saving certification.

(3) Advertisements are for reference only

Check for conformity inspection report issued by official inspection organization. Do not only look at the cheap price, and to choose a brand of LED flood light bulb.Buy LED flood light bulb in the manufacturer EXC-LED, and the quality is relatively safer.

Ⅱ. Precautions for installing smart LED flood light bulb

The installation process of smart LED flood light bulb is actually quite complicated, and there will be a lot of professional problems to be solved. Therefore, in order to correctly install the product, the following factors must be paid special attention to. Because this kind of product is often installed by people who are often qualified, so as to safely deal with the problems in the installation process.

Secondly, it is necessary to carry out a general inspection of the product before installing the LED flood light bulb. The choice of installation position is also more important. If there are some flammable materials around the installation, then we must pay attention to keep away from it. It is recommended that the power cable be not too tight, so that the power cable can have a certain buffer space, and pay special attention to the input and output lines.

In the whole installation process to be familiar with the composition of the circuit, once the LED linear project light lamp is installed, there is no relevant person in the presence of the corresponding detection and maintenance. This process needs to be safe, and there should be no security risks. Therefore, the installation should be carried out under the premise of power off.

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