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EXC Smart Street Lights Illuminate the Charging Station of Yichang Guobin Garden

In order to meet the needs of the owners and improve the happiness index of the community, Yichang Guobin Garden has established an electric vehicle charging station, and installed EXC smart street lights for the charging station, making it convenient and safe for the masses to charge.

Ⅰ. EXC designed and installed smart LED lights for electric vehicle charging stations

The Watch series smart street lights specially built by the LED light manufacturer EXC for Yichang Guobin Garden charging station are 8 meters high, adopt the design of equal height double arms, and the power of lamp holder is 100W, which can realize remote lighting management through the NB wireless solution. The black smart light pole is clean and tidy and erected in the park, dazzling and tall. The overall shape is like a stretched wing. It is not afraid of wind and rain, and keep working around the clock silently. It can release important notices and propaganda information, and also achieve remote intelligent control of lighting and switch, etc. It will guard every car at the charging station.

The pole of wind solar street light is 8 meters high, with EXC solar single light controller, which has the advantages of high performance and low energy consumption. The smart LED light reaches the dustproof and waterproof level, with a radiator. The overall design is safer, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced. Watch series smart street lights and wind solar street lights each have an outdoor P4 full-color single-sided screen, which supports brightness adjustment, synchronous display, audio output and other functions. In addition to being practical, it also ensures the appreciation and interest of smart street lights.

Ⅱ. The function of the Watch series smart LED lights

The smart LED light is based on the lighting pole. The hardware pole integrates functional modules such as smart lighting, information release, and public broadcasting. Installation conditions such as 5G micro base station, manhole cover monitoring, water accumulation monitoring, and light pole tilt alarm are reserved. The software is equipped with a management and control platform of smart light pole, with the latest Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies as the core, providing visual display and management functions, facilitating real-time grasp of operational status and data, and realizing smart management of the city.

1. Major emergency protection

Computing technology and fuzzy reasoning technology, through the global perception of terminal terminals, help city managers to respond to major events. Based on the overall perception auxiliary decision-making system developed by EXC's own platform, combined with edge real-time situational awareness of key areas, it can assist city managers in terms of coordinated management of lighting, communication, perception, early warning, etc., as well as emergency decision-making for security processing, greatly improving the ability to support major emergencies.

2. Adaptive smart lighting

Adaptive lighting system based on artificial neural network technology. Smart LED lights can sense traffic flow, vehicle speed, people flow, etc., through the end, and integrate lighting, weather, location, time and other factors, so as to be self-adaptive and adjust the appropriate brightness of the street lights according to the speed, flow, and environment, so as to ensure driving safety and energy conservation and environmental protection to the maximum.

3. Overall space-time big data

Based on cloud computing technology, an integrated overall space-time from infrastructure, data, platform to service is established, which can effectively manage video, audio and big data in various applications, support the effective operation of various smart services, and achieve functions such as treatment, storage, management, and binding of time and location information according to needs, which can effectively meet the needs of various applications.

As a solution provider of lighting smart LED lights and cloud control system, EXC provides systematic and integrated overall perception, information release, and peripheral management services for the new project of Yichang Guobin Garden charging station, and builds a high-standard energy comprehensive demonstration project. On the basis of this successful cooperation, the two parties have reached a consensus on long-term strategic cooperation, become high-quality innovation partners, further deepened the utilization of resources, actively improved the level and standard of strategic coordination, and achieved mutual complementarity in advantages, good interaction, and mutual benefit.

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