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How Can Outdoor LED Pixel Light Strip Screens Make Advertising More Outstanding?

Speaking of outdoor LED pixel light strip screens, it can be seen everywhere in our real life, indoors and outdoors. Today we focus on how outdoor LED pixel light strip screens are, how to choose them, and whether they can make our advertising more outstanding? Outdoor LED advertising screens have become the mainstay of the advertising industry, they are likely to gradually replace traditional advertising media. They are so dazzling. So what about outdoor LED pixel strip screens? What are the characteristics?

1. The visual communication effect of outdoor LED pixel light strip screens

Outdoor LED pixel strip screens can play multimedia content, videos and pictures. Compared with traditional static print ads, they are of course more visually impactful and they can touch the senses of the audience in all directions and effectively convey information to guide consumption. The audiences are faced with overwhelming advertisements, due to the limited memory space and the infinite information dissemination, LED display attention has gradually become a scarce resource. Therefore, the attention economy has become the largest measure of advertising effect. It attracted passers-by to stop and watch, which is the interpretation of visual impact. This is what the outdoor LED pixel light strip screen can achieve.

2. The distribution range of outdoor LED pixel light strip screens

Outdoor pixel LED types strip screens are generally installed in areas where people are concentrated, such as shopping malls, pedestrian streets, crossroads, highways, airports, docks, stations, etc. Give an example then you can understand, Focus Media is a country of considerable scale Of advertisers, it only relies on elevator advertising to cover three-quarters of the urban population. Imagine that if they use print ads, the coverage and advertising effectiveness may be greatly reduced! LED advertising screens outdoors can make your publicity more outstanding and effective!

In the past, most people saw neon advertising in cities. The single style of neon lights can no longer meet the requirements of the times. A more energy-saving LED display that can change the advertising content at any time was born. After years of evolution, the LED screen has evolved from a single to the current popular full-color, outdoor LED pixel strip screens use full-color screens, which are of great benefit to improving image and taste. LED advertising screens have gradually become the mainstream advertising carrier in cities.

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