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24-Color Discipline Column, Oversized Interactive Wall, Plum Pile, Babylonian Sky Garden, Reading Club... Light Asia Exhibition, EXC-LED is Full of Sincerity

From August 3 to 6, Asia's most influential lighting and LED industry event - 2021 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Light Asia Exhibition) was held in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex. People of lighting gathered here because of the light bonding, and jointly focus on the future of intelligent lighting development road.



Innovate EXC-LED, share the beauty of technology


Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd, with a new exhibition hall and new image, met with you in Hall 2.1 B45. The theme of this exhibition is "EXC-LED of the world, colorful EXC-LED, art EXC-LED, wisdom EXC-LED, and everyone's EXC-LED". We set up the "interactive wall of environmental protection mineral water bucket", "24-color discipline column ", "Plum Pile", "Babylon Sky Garden", "Blue Room", "Red Room ", "cylinder wall" and other application scenes, so that the audience can feel the charm of light and shadow art, attracting a large number of visitors to come to visit.


1. Super-large interactive wall

It is composed of 3080 mineral water buckets, point light sources and balloons. Through the control system, various interactive modes are set to create a super immersive experience and infinite extension space, which attracts many visitors to take pictures here and become one of the highlights of the Light Asia Exhibition. The 3080 balloons on this interactive wall were signed and pumped by EXC-LED staff, and all 3080 point light sources were installed by EXC-LED staff, reflecting the spirit of "unity, integrity, competition and love" of EXC-LED people.


2. 24-color Gikong pillar

The idea of 24-color merit column originates from the unique architectural form of ancient Rome - Tulazen's merit column, a building to commemorate merit. In September 2020, EXC-LED was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and on the occasion of the first anniversary of the exhibition and listing, EXC-LED set up this column in the exhibition hall to invite partners, friends from media associations, friends from exhibition and employees to sign and record their names. EXC-LED will take this as its spiritual pillar and will continue to develop its reputation. EXC-LED will take this as its spiritual pillar, bearing in mind the love of friends from all walks of life. It is your trust and support that gives EXC-LED a strong foundation and creates today's glory. In the future, we will work together and ride the wave!

Cultural EXC-LED and the dream of light and shadow together

With open design and immersive experience, EXC-LED combined  light-readings, artistic calligraphy, tea party, visiting with gifts and other forms to comprehensively display the comprehensive solutions of intelligent lighting and cloud control system and share the understanding and exploration of light and shadow, which attracted a large number of visitors to visit and participate.


3. Light-Reading Club

The book mountain has a path of interest, and the sea of learning has no end of joy as a boat!

The book is like a road, which can reach the heart and go far away. A book with a cup a tea in a quiet space is everyone's ideal way to rest in the exhibition. Like a place of meditation in the hustle and bustle of the exhibition, the EXC-LED Babylon Sky Garden was born with the gene to carry a beautiful soul. When you hold the autographed books of industry masters such as Mr. Lin Zhiming, Ms. Lin Hong, Mr. Yang Yiding, Mr. Lai Yunong and Mr. Xu Dongliang here, the world will have light!


4. Artistic Calligraphy

Calligraphy masters put ink and poems on the wall. The combination of light and shadow art and poetry is full of literary and retro style!

5. EXC-LED Tea Party


New technology, new products, new solutions, new applications sharing, EXC-LED lecturers are brave and wise, happy to practice!

Light and shadow, the most magical magic of the universe. With light, there is civilization; with light, there is wisdom; with light, there is infinite extension space. 2021 Guangzhou Light Asia Exhibition, will be all the colorful and colorful present in the world, not only amazed by the "magic" of intelligent lighting, but also to show the world the lighting industry and LED industry.


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