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Hangzhou Project

Project Overview

The whole project including Phases I, II and III used nearly 400,000 EXC-LED LED pixel lights, over 5,800 sets of wall washer lights and projection lamps,

and over 8,200 sets of transparent light guide lamps. The project has a total length of 3.5 km from Qingchun Road in the east to Qingjiang Road in the west.

The buildings include: T-shaped City Balcony, Hangzhou International Conference Center, Hangzhou Grand Theater, Citizens’ Center and CBD business

district complex of Qianjiang New Town. The 4G wireless interconnection intelligent lighting control system for the large-scale city cluster lighting with 35

building nodes in the project was provided by EXC-LED as a whole.Technological innovation

This project is the first one in China realizing synchronous intelligent lighting control among 35 buildings through the 4G wireless private network. In the

project, the bi-directional fault feedback technology was adopted on an ultra-large scale for the first time; the 4G wireless linkage control technology was

adopted on an ultra-large scale for the first time; the multi-type networking technology was adopted and perfectly integrated for the first time; the 4G city cluster

lighting control, real-time report push and remote testing support were realized for the first time.Show on CCTV

In the evening of August 28, 2016, CCTV13 broadcast the G20 Summit Light Show live. The on-site reporters, focusing on featured products and exclusive

viewpoints, displayed and introduced lamps more used in the show. The G20 Star pixel lights designed by EXC-LED for the G20 Summit in Hangzhou became

the focus of millions of TV audience. The G20 Star pixel lights has DMX512 parallel design, ultra-high gray scale from 256 level to 65536 level, long-distance

visual consistency design, and large-span precise visual angle optical design, presenting clearer and finer animation effect and smoother, richer and softer