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EXC Participated in the "snow Ruyi" Project at the National Ski Jumping Center at the Winter Olympics Venue

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games have been held. There are 7 major sports, 15 sub-sports and 109 sub-sports. Among them, the National Ski Jumping Center is responsible for the ski jumping and Nordic events of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The National Ski Jumping Center is the first ski jumping venue in China that meets the international standards, and it is also the competition venue with the largest amount of engineering and the highest technical difficulty in the construction of the Olympic Winter Games venues in Zhangjiakou. The section of the platform is known as "Snow Ruyi" because it fits the S-shaped curve of the traditional Chinese auspicious ornament "Ruyi".

Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial Landscape Lighting

Let's review and witness how "Snow Ruyi" is "rising" in the valley, and explain the secret of commercial landscape lighting of "Snow Ruyi" in the National Ski Jumping Center, one of the main stadiums of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

1. Science and technology interpretation of lighting, commercial landscape lighting to create value

The lighting of "Snow Ruyi" is a highlight of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The project of Smart Lighting system and Smart Night Tour Operation System of National Ski Jumping Center is contracted by Holsay Technology Group Co., Ltd. Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd is the provider of point light source products and smart control system of this project. We will work with the contractor to give full play to the advantages of smart technology. Combined with the architecture characteristics, the use of "dancing platform, passion leap" of expression, in order to "optimize, strengthening, the elaboration and refinement" as the guiding principle, enhance the effect of the "best" model, to create "plastic image, show details, into system" of the overall effect, perfectly interprets the snow ruyi "pure snow, passion dating" self-confidence and connotation of culture, Successful writing and winter Olympics between the frozen!

Commercial Landscape Lighting

The "big ring" at the top of the National Ski Jumping Center, the Summit Club, is the most obvious symbol of "Snow Ruyi" and the biggest difference between it and other ski jumping venues at home and abroad. Foreign ski jumping venues generally have only the top starting area for athletes. "Snow Ruyi" is the first ski jumping venue in the world to set up a large building in the top starting area.

2. The Summit Club is the most wonderful area of the overall commercial landscape lighting effect setting of "Snow like Meaning"

EXC's LED dot light source is adopted to realize the presentation of a variety of patterns and symbols. At the same time, high power light beams are distributed on the top of the building, which can be used to perform the effect of air performance, forming a three-dimensional interwoven dancing light. The semi-suspended giant circular building has an internal effective building space height of 6 meters and an area of more than 3,800 square meters. Coupled with a 360-degree panoramic view, you can see the surrounding landscape. Standing in the Summit club overlooking, the 160 meter elevation of the S-curve track is even more spectacular.

In the glass of the building facade and the perforated aluminum plate at the bottom, the project team adopted projector equipment to form a beautiful 3D shock effect by projecting from a distance. Combined with the light beam under the building, it can achieve the effect of shining five rings with the dot matrix screen of the track. In the two wings of the track, the project is also designed from the top to the bottom of the colorful light pursuit, to fully reflect the speed and passion of the athletes skiing leap. The partial dot matrix screen in the center can coordinate with the image of the Summit Club to realize the countdown, the five rings, the Winter Olympics logo, the theme light show and so on. With the rhythm of the music, the two wings can "dance", performing the light show of the night platform jumping. In the design of the two wings of the grandstand, because it is mainly a seating area for a large number of spectators, the structure is tall, beautiful, and within the range of close viewing, so the word "bright" is highlighted.

3. "Snow Ruyi" stands on the snow-covered mountain top, with the commercial landscape lighting lighting color change

Put on a beautiful performance, lit up the Olympic rings present among them. The unique architectural shape is like a beautiful white cloud, showing the unique Chinese style and Chinese style, full of passion and vitality of the ski jumping sport also adds a mysterious color. Under the bright commercial landscape lighting, "Snow Ruyi" is magnificent and exquisite, and will surely become the most recognizable landmark building of the Winter Olympics in Hebei.

Since the National Ski Jumping Center intelligent lighting system and intelligent night tour operation system project started, EXC attaches great importance to, actively cooperate with and vigorously promote. During the critical period of construction, EXC arranged technical support personnel to cooperate on site, and persisted in debugging for several days under the low temperature and bad weather of minus 30℃, so as to promote the smooth progress of each project node target. EXC and Holsey Group are highly cooperative, close cooperation, high quality, high standard construction technology and project quality, not only won the high recognition of the owners, but also provide a strong guarantee for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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