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What Are the Installation Methods of LED Dot Light?

1. Aluminum trough rail installation of LED dot light

This method is used to install the LED point light source when you need to first fix the bottom shell on the building wall facade. Next, the LED point light source will be stuck into the aluminum slot punched in advance, and then it will be fastened to the top of the bottom shell. The standard of installation quality is to be reliable and the lines without leakage are better. The aluminum trough rail type installation has a relatively wide range of use, and the aluminum trough used can be selected in the same color as the wall, so it is also very beautiful in the daytime.

2. Install the LED dot light directly with screws

In order to reduce costs, general engineering companies will use this installation method, and the LED pixel dots can also be fixed with glass glue. The disadvantage is that the power cord and the point light source connection line are exposed outside.


3. The whole board punching installation of LED dot light

When using the whole board punching method to install the LED point light source, it is usually punched on the iron, aluminum or stainless steel plate according to the calculated position, and then the pixel LED serial lights source is passed through the back of the board. , Even if the installation is complete, connect it to the line. This whole board punching installation method is also more commonly used at present.

4. The buckle-and-wire installation of the LED dot light

Compared with aluminum trough rail type installation, the installation method of buckle pull wire has certain limitations. Generally, this method is used for the installation of LED pixel string light sources on glass curtain walls and suspended places. During installation, the buckle needs to be clamped into the steel wire first, and then the LED point light source is clamped into the buckle.

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