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Unveil the Mystery of the Use Rules and Maintenance Methods of LED Lights

When choosing LED lights, everyone will undoubtedly consider whether they are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and flicker-free. However, LED lights will wear out under long-term use, and some wrong operations can easily damage LED lights. Even LED lights need to be well maintained in order to maximize their effectiveness and have a longer service life. With the popularity of LED lights, more and more consumers have raised questions about LED maintenance.

1. Circumstances that will cause LED lights damaged

(1) LED lights with bad quality are more likely to fail. When buying, you should look for quality LED brands and LED pixel light factories.

(2) LED lights that are not used correctly in accordance with the product instructions are prone to fail and have hidden dangers.

(3) When using, if the current exceeds the rated current of LED lights, it will cause burning or damage to some components in the LED drive power supply.

(4) Water droplets and water mist will appear on the inner wall of the shell of LED lights. LED lights are usually assembled from several different materials, such as metal for the heat dissipation part and plastic for the lampshade. Lights will generate a certain amount of heat during operation. Different materials have different thermal expansion coefficients. After long-term use, there are gaps at the joints of different materials and air intake. When lights are used in a relatively high humidity environment, the inside and outside temperatures of the lampshade are different, and the gas heated inside will be cold at the lampshade. If the gas contains a lot of water vapor, then water mist and water droplets will be produced, but they will disappear after a period of lighting. Therefore, the humid environment is also a factor that influences the service life of LED lights for shopping malls.

2. Use rules and maintenance methods of LED lights

(1) After buying LED lights, you should read the installation instructions provided by LED lights wholesale suppliers carefully before installing, and then install LED lights according to the installation instructions. Otherwise, it may be dangerous.

(2) Please do not change the structure of the lights during cleaning and maintenance, and please do not change the parts of the lamp at will. After maintenance, the lights should be installed as original, and please do not miss or wrongly install the components.

(3) When using lights, please try not to switch frequently. Although the switch resistance of LED lights is about 18 times that of normal fluorescent lights, the internal electronic components of LED lights will still be affected if switched frequently and thereby influence their service life.

(4) It is important to know that not only special LED lights but also normal LED lights should be avoided in humid environments. A humid environment will affect the electronic components of LED lights' driving power supplies, and lead to the electronic components being damp and shortening the service life of lights. Therefore, moisture prevention is the key to maintaining lights, especially LED lights in toilets and bathrooms, as well as stovetop lights in kitchens. It is necessary to install moisture-proof lampshades to avoid rust damage or leakage short circuits of the lights.

(5) Finally, please do not clean LED lights with water, you can wipe them with a dry cloth dipped in water. If LED lights accidentally touch water, you need to wipe them as dry as possible. And please do not wipe lights with a damp cloth immediately after turning them on.

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