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Hu Hongcheng, Member of the Standing Committee of Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, Led a Team to Shenzhen to Carry out Investment Promotion Activities

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On October 16, Hu Hongcheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Zunyi municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, led a team to Shenzhen to carry out investment promotion activities. Zhao Shanqiao, director of the municipal finance office, Shui Anhong, director of the Guangzhou (Shenzhen) Office of the municipal government, and sun Wenbo, deputy director, accompanied the team.

In the morning, Hu Hongcheng and his party went to the Bank of China Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. for investigation and discussion, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the financial leasing business. Wang Xuedong, chairman of Bank of China Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., said that leaders from Zunyi City are welcome to visit the company for investigation and discussion. As the first listed financial leasing company in China, Bank of China Leasing is committed to providing comprehensive leasing services for high-quality customers in aviation, infrastructure, shipping, Inclusive Finance, new energy, and high-end equipment manufacturing, We hope to keep close contact with Zunyi municipal government, explore cooperation opportunities in the field of financial leasing, and achieve a win-win situation for the government and enterprises.

Hu Hongcheng said that Zunyi is the second-largest economy in Guizhou, and is accelerating the development of the green food industry. Baijiu, pepper, and tea industry are booming. Financial support plays an important role in economic development. The state bank financial leasing Limited by Share Ltd is the pioneer and leader of China's leasing industry. Seek cooperation opportunities with LED lighting wholesale suppliers to help Zunyi's real economic development with financial leasing.

In the afternoon, Hu Hongcheng and his party participated in the meeting of Guizhou provincial government, finance and enterprise financing docking in autumn of 2020 and went to Shenzhen to "introduce gold into Guizhou", and signed a financing project cooperation agreement with Bank of China Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

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In the evening, Hu Hongcheng and his party visited Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. accompanied by Xie Mingwu, chairman of the board of directors of the company, they successively went to the office area and product exhibition area of the company to learn about the business situation of the company. Xie Mingwu said that leaders from his hometown Zunyi are welcome to visit the company. The company mainly develops LED application products and cloud outdoor LED light controller systems and provides high-quality lighting products and services for the Xiamen BRICs conference, Hangzhou G20 summit, and Shenzhen's 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The company successfully listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange this year and has a bright future. My hometown Zunyi is changing with each passing day. I hope to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of my hometown Zunyi.

Hu Hongcheng expressed his warm congratulations on the successful listing of EXC-LED in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Shenzhen is an innovative city and the forefront of reform and opening up. He hoped that your company would uphold the spirit of innovation and become bigger and stronger in the field of LED application products and cloud control systems, so as to achieve the ultimate in landscape lighting. As a compliance entrepreneur, I hope chairman Xie Mingwu will go back to his hometown Zunyi to have a look, feel the development and changes of his hometown Zunyi, and make suggestions and concerted efforts for the development of his hometown Zunyi.

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