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Advantages of LED Floodlights over Traditional Floodlights

The general outdoor lighting LED flood light theoretically has a service life of two years, so many people think that the flood light can only be used for two years, and it needs to be replaced after the time is exceeded. But for many outdoor lighting equipment, it tends to last longer. To figure this out, you should first understand what determines the actual service life of smart led flood light bulb.

1. Service life of the smart led flood light bulb

The life of LED light source is about 50,000 hours, but in fact it often fails to meet the standard. Sometimes, in order to save labor and materials, some users have more connections and less materials during the installation process. If the installation is not in accordance with the wholesale flood lamp factory's instructions, the current output will be unstable, and the light decay of the lamps will also occur, resulting in a serious reduction in the service life of the lamps.

The warranty agreement is an after-sales commitment made by the smart narrow beam LED flood light bulb manufacturer to customers. We don’t need to worry that the 3-year warranty will damage the lamp within 3 years. If there is a quality problem after the warranty, the responsible manufacturer will advise the user to dismantle the damaged product and return it to factory for repair. Electronic products are not like furniture ornaments, but when electronic products are in use, there will always be failures. Therefore, it is also very important to do a good job of daily maintenance of LED floodlights.


2. The advantages of intelligent LED flood light bulbs over traditional floodlights

The flood light is one of the commonly used equipment in the outdoor lighting equipment we see now. However, the difference between LED floodlights and traditional floodlights is still very large. Not only the light-emitting principle, but also the structure is quite different. So what are the advantages of smart led flood light bulbs over traditional floodlights?

(1) The electrical box of traditional flood light needs accessories such as high bay light ballast, high bay light trigger and capacitor, while LED flood light only needs to be equipped with LED drive power.

(2) Metal halide lamps are widely used in traditional light source floodlights, while large area decorative LED flood lights use LED chips which is cold light sources. The light distribution of traditional light source floodlights is achieved by matching reflectors of different shapes, while LED floodlights require lenses to adjust the light distribution curve of the floodlights. The LED driving power supply and LED chip of LED flood light can achieve good waterproof and dustproof effect after packaging, while traditional light source flood light needs to be equipped with a glass cover to achieve high IP level effect.


In general, smart LED flood light bulbs are more energy-efficient than traditional light source floodlights. For example, 150W LED floodlights can completely replace 400W traditional floodlights. EXC-LED is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the design, production, sales and service of LED application products. It has always focused on LED outdoor landscape lighting and cloud control system. It is an enterprise committed to providing stable and reliable comprehensive intelligent lighting system solutions for customers all over the world. We are looking forward to working with you!

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