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Taigong Lake: the Combination of Landscape of Lakes and Hills and Sound and Light

Zibo Linzi Taigong Lake National Water Conservancy Scenic Area is located in the eastern part of Linzi District. It is built on the Zi River, with Taigong Lake and Taigong Lake Ecological Leisure Park as the core, and contains many cultural tourist attractions. With rapid technological development, what kind of gorgeous transformation will such a park full of antique charm usher in?

1. EXC outdoor landscape lighting products illuminate Taigong Lake

The moon is bright and the wind is gentle. There are many people in Taigong Lake. Walking after dinner is the habit of the citizens of this small city. Walking in the brightly lit Taigong Lake and enjoying the refreshing light show, which is a unique experience that adds more beautiful memories to the leisurely walk. In the park, water show, light and shadow show, laser interaction, naked-eye 3D complement each other. There are interaction areas, bamboo garden, grass garden, children's playground, jungle adventure, time tunnel, which are quiet and elegant, presenting a "light and shade, dynamic and still, virtual and real" recreation and entertainment environment.

Standing by the lake and leaning on the railing, you can see that the twin arch bridges of Linzi Bridge are like rainbow lying on the waves, and Qisheng Bridge is a modern steel frame. Two Bridges, like hands, encircle the three perfect jade islets in the lake. Lake, starry sky, mountains, and pavilions are sparkling. The lakes and mountains are bright and dazzling, showing the beauty of Linzi.

The musical fountain on Taizu Square was grandly opened, and the colorful exterior landscape lighting show lit up the whole night sky. Taigong Baoding, located at the west entrance of Taigong Lake, is 7.99 meters high and weighs 8 tons. Against the background of the lights, the smoke is haunted, like a dream, and it seems to return to that ancient era in a trance. Despite the passage of time, there is still the sense of remembering history. On Taizu Square, as eye-catching as the musical fountain is the unpredictable facial makeup. The lights are on and off, one after another, which perfectly matches the lights, making people feel comfortable.

By the Weishui Lake, the image of Jiang Taigong fishing seems to be in front of you. The carriage that King Wen of Zhou dynasty came to visit seems to be parked by the lake. After thousands of years, people are looking for history from the stories passed down from generation to generation. The lake was full of bright lights, and the moonlight is beautiful. Only this Weishui Lake has left historical relics, reminding people not to forget the past. The initial focus of the Landscape Improvement Project of Taigong Lake Park is "two bridges, two banks, three islands and the botanical garden area".

2. EXC outdoor smart lighting control system enhances the charm of the city

"One light illuminates the whole city". The sky is the curtain, the lake is the stage, the tree shadow is the brush and ink, and the building is the canvas. Through the smart control of the EXC master control platform, the lighting, music, architecture and natural landscape are completely integrated. The Taigong Lake lighting construction project is a big project. EXC has provided tens of thousands of lamps for the project, including flood lights, wall washers, line lights and other series of lamps. The lights are connected to the smart cloud control system independently developed by EXC. Thanks to the powerful intelligent algorithm, the use of outdoor landscape lighting is just right, greatly improving the viewing of Taigong Lake Scenic Area.

As a systematic project, the Taigong Lake Project not only includes photoelectric lighting, but also comprehensive improvements such as water conservancy, gardening, and security monitoring. In the next step, projects such as the east extension of Linzi Avenue and the east extension of Huan Road will also be launched soon, and the Landscape Improvement Project of Taigong Lake Park will become an important growth pole to improve the quality of the city, enrich the urban night economy, and stimulate the vitality of the city. In the Taigong Lake lighting construction project, EXC's technical team embodies its concept of "everything revolves around customer needs" in all stages of construction. In the future, with its beautiful and pleasant scenery and dazzling outdoor landscape lighting effects, Taigong Lake will definitely become a new road sign in Zibo, Shandong!

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