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What is LED Linear Light?

LED linear lighting is a phrase we often hear in commercial interior design, but what exactly does it mean and how do we use it? This article provides an in-depth interpretation at LED linear lights, allowing you to understand how and where to use them, and easily turning the office into a cool high-end modern style!

1. What is LED linear light?

LED linear lights just use many "light-emitting diodes" packaged in a long and narrow housing to form a light band. This simple concept has completely changed the way we illuminate space.

Before the emergence of the LED linear concept, it was very troublesome to illuminate long spaces such as offices, warehouses and retail outlets. These spaces are illuminated by large industrial incandescent lamps. Linear lighting began to develop in the 1950s and was mainly used for fluorescent tubes in industrial spaces. By the 1970s, this technology was applied to families, garages, workshops, and retail spaces. This has further created a demand for lower cost, more beautiful lamps. It was impossible to produce continuous uninterrupted light before the LED because the fluorescent tube needs to be turned off and will leave black or dark spots.

The improved appearance did not appear until the beginning of 2000, we all know the early version of the LED linear project light lamp. The demand for LED linear lights is huge and continues to increase. The difference now is that linear architectural lighting and LED technology have broadened the application range of linear lamps. With the development of aesthetics and performance, the industry continues to develop and stands out from the old traditional housings, makes better use of materials and use more advanced technology.

2. Why use LED linear lights?

Our customers appreciate the many benefits of LED linear lighting, including:

Aesthetics-If appearance is important to you, that LED linear light products are very potent. It provides a lot of versatility and can be used to create unique and eye-catching designs. Customized angles, curves and appearance colours are just some of the options available to make the application of LED linear lights easy.

Directional light-LED is directional, reducing the demand for reflectors and diffusers that can capture light.

Colour temperature-LED linear light provides a wide range of colour temperatures, which will affect the way the eyes perceive light. From cold white to warm white, different temperatures can be used to create an atmosphere in the space. Neutral white or 4000 Kelvin uses its technical name and is recommended for offices and retail areas that provide the most comfortable environment.

Cost benefit-an an obvious advantage, led linear lighting strips operate very efficiently due to their low energy consumption and inherent service life; LEDs are many times longer than fluorescent tubes, and the usual service life is more than 50,000 hours.

Once you decide to use LED linear lighting in your space, there will be a dizzying array of options, so we break it down into some key factors which you need to consider.

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