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How to Maintain the LED Wall Washer?

With the continuous improvement of lighting technology, traditional light sources can no longer fully meet people's requirements for lighting. Now outdoor LED wall washers are more and more popular with lighting projects. In addition to meeting the requirements of lighting effects in product planning, daily maintenance of the LED wall washer should also be done during the use process. The maintenance method of outdoor LED wall washer is as follows:

1. To maintain the outdoor LED wall washer light, turn off the power first

Before repairs and maintenance, turn off the power of the high-power China LED wall washer. Regardless of the maintenance of any lamps, this step must be done. This can ensure that the entire maintenance process is not dangerous and will not cause damage to the product's circuit.

2. Wipe the outdoor LED wall washer light with a dry cloth

When cleaning the wall wash LED strip, it must be wiped with a dry cloth. The cloth soaked in water will cause damage to the LED wall washer lights outdoor, such as water dripping into the inside of the fixture. If this happens, the damaged product can no longer be used.

3. For outdoor LED wall washer light, attention should be paid to the maintenance of details

It is worth noting that, do not use chemicals to wipe when cleaning, such as detergent and so on. Cleaners with chemical properties tend to corrode the appearance of high-power LED wall washer. The maintenance work involves all aspects. In fact, it is not difficult to do the entire maintenance process. Proper handling of some details can make the maintenance have a better effect.


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