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The Most Beautiful April Meet in Jiangsu

The most beautiful April day in the world! Spring blossoms, pink and willow green, it is a good time to forge ahead. From April 8th to 9th, EXC embarked on a trip to Gaoyou where there is a sea of romantic flowers on the lake, focusing on the new trend of road lighting development in China, and actively embracing the new changes; April 10th, EXC entered Gusu City, a total of Talking about the combination of cultural tourism gardens and architectural light art, discussing the new connection of light and gardens, light and architecture, and light and city.

2021 China Road Lighting Forum

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On April 8-9, the "2021 China Road Lighting Forum (17th)" co-sponsored by the China Lighting Association, the Outdoor Lighting Professional Committee of the China Illuminating Society, and the Urban Lighting Professional Committee of the China Municipal Engineering Association was held in Gaoyou, Jiangsu. Zhai Liping, Vice President of Marketing and Zheng Xianxue, Vice President of Marketing of Shenzhen EXC Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting with the sales team, together with representatives from various provinces and municipalities in charge of urban lighting, urban construction personnel, experts from scientific research institutes, designers, and lighting companies. More than 500 people gathered together to talk about the new development of road lighting.

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With the theme of "promoting the development of smart city lighting", the forum promotes the healthy and orderly development of the road lighting industry, improves the quality of smart city lighting, and creates a safe, comfortable, economical, green, and healthy living environment. Combining the overall situation of road lighting, the national fourteenth five-year plan has determined the main keynote "double-cycle", new infrastructure planning, new technological breakthroughs, and the future development of smart cities, the grand blueprint has been slowly unfolded. Compared with the development of previous years, the current trend of multi-shot and multi-shot is the trend of reducing costs and increasing efficiency for cities, and the market has great potential for development.

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The EXC-ECCP4.0 smart street lamp cloud control platform independently developed and launched by EXC, based on smart lighting functions, integrates functions such as mobile communication, environmental perception, video surveillance, emergency help, information release, public WiFi, and public facilities management. Provide intelligent management and application of the daily operation of smart light poles.

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EXC lighting shares smart street lights, with smart lighting, smart security, smart municipal administration, environmental monitoring, information release, wireless city, 5G micro base station and other multi-functional IoT smart ecosystem, powerful smart integration and technological innovation, original creation The optical solutions, such as summit lighting solutions, have been applied in the construction of smart cities in Shenzhen, Chaoyang, Yancheng, Chengde, Tianjin, Lishui, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Enshi, Nanchang, Chengdu, etc. , To achieve visualized management of the city, laying a solid foundation for the construction of smart cities.

2021 Suzhou Lighting Industry Development Conference

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On April 10th, 2021 Suzhou Lighting Development Conference was held in Suzhou Bucking Hanjue Hotel. As an emerging city in my country’s modern industry and high-tech industry, Suzhou is not only a land of Chinese history and culture but also a land of "paradise on earth". It is the most important central city in my country and the Yangtze River Delta, with historical sites, landscaped gardens, and modern architecture. one.

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Suzhou is at the forefront of the country in the construction of smart city lighting, and the progress of landscape cultural tourism lighting construction and smart lighting construction is in a leading position in the country. EXC actively participated in this forum to discuss with the industry the development direction and trend of urban lighting construction in Suzhou and East China, examine the pattern of the future lighting industry, promote the exchange of lighting industry and innovative technology, and make this historical and cultural city unique The light of the modern city.

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