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2021 Jiangsu Province Building Electricity and Intelligence Academic Forum: Building Electricity & Smart Train

From November 18th to 19th, 2021, the 2021 Jiangsu Province Building Electricity and Intelligence Academic Forum was successfully held in Nanjing, Jiangsu, and Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd was invited to participate in the event.

This conference is hosted by the Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Committee of Jiangsu Illuminating Society and the Jiangsu Building Electrical Design Technology Collaboration and Information Exchange Network. It aims to promote the smart construction level and scientific and technological development of building electricity in Jiangsu, expand the internal exchanges and cooperation of the industry, promote the sustainable development of the industry, and study the marketization and industrialization of new products, new technologies and new scientific and technological achievements.

1. Smart street lighting control solutions

At the meeting, Fang Chao, technical director of EXC Smart Road Lighting Division, gave a wonderful speech on the theme of "Smart Street Lighting Control Solutions". "Wisdom" is the keyword of today's era. EXC has conducted in-depth research for many years and integrated this keyword into the practical application of lighting, resulting in smart road lighting, smart tunnel lighting, smart solar lighting, smart sports lighting, and smart mid-pole lighting and other road lighting product systems and smart control systems, as well as cultural tourism landscape lighting, architectural landscape lighting, special display and other product systems of landscape lighting control device.

Smart color temperature adjustment

Based on the algorithm integrating factors such as latitude and longitude, sunrise and sunset, combined with local peripheral environment perception, it can automatically adjust street light color temperature according to the local season, time, weather and other factors, and automatically adjust the color temperature of lights according to the preset color temperature adjustment strategy in different time intervals. In the rain day or fog day, light can be adjusted to 3000K with stronger penetrating power.

智能环境监测:Smart environment monitoring

气象环境数据传输至指挥中心:Meteorological environment data is transmitted to the command center

智慧照明系统分析后调节灯杆色温:Adjust the color temperature of the light pole after the analysis of the smart lighting system

The core products of EXC smart road lighting: Smart street lights, powerful smart integration and technological innovation, original road lighting control products and solutions of the control of ambient light for road lighting, which are unique in the industry. A single light controller is installed for all smart street lights. Combined with a centralized controller, it can realize the individual switch/dimming of each street light, and at the same time, it can automatically switch on and off the lamp according to timing, illuminance, longitude and latitude, sunrise and sunset. The enabling status and priority of each policy mode can be configured on the platform.

In his speech on the control of ambient light for road lighting, he introduced the commonly used ambient light products as street light. And from the current situation and pain points of commonly used ambient light control methods, combined with the needs of managers, he analyzed specific scenarios and illustrated the project designs of CAT1 single light controller with ambient light, CAT1 dual-light controller with ambient light, etc., and comprehensively demonstrated the six advantages of control solutions for smart ambient light for road lighting.

2. EXC-ECCP4.0 smart cloud control platform

Fang Chao, technical director of EXC Smart Road Lighting Division, also focused on the introduction of EXC's smart cloud control platform - EXC-ECCP4.0 smart cloud control platform. Combining the latest IoT technology and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and relying on cloud services, edge algorithms, and 5G applications. EXC launched the EXC-ECCP4.0 smart city management and control cloud platform, including subsystems such as smart lighting, smart street lights, smart parks, smart sanitation and smart public toilets, which has strong analysis and processing capabilities for business and massive data, providing dual engines of management and energy saving for smart cities, and helping the construction of smart city.

Through the EXC-ECCP4.0 cloud control platform of EXC, the functions of single light control of street lights, switch control of single light, dimming, status detection and other functions can be realized, and at the same time, the switch and color change control of ambient light can be realized. You can also set the playing time, mode and sequence of the ambient light, and integrate it with the landscape lighting to achieve real smart lighting.

At the exhibition site, EXC shared high-quality cases of top events such as Xi'an 14th National Games, Wuhan Military Games, Xiamen BRICS Conference, Qingdao SCO Summit, G20 Hangzhou Summit, as well as classic cases of smart street lighting such as Yancheng Sheyang Huangsha Port Smart Street Light Project, Anhui Bozhou Yacht Smart Street Lighting Project, Maozhou River Bidao Pilot Construction Project in Guangming District, Shenzhen, Smart Street Lighting Project in Pinggao Group Tianjin Pingdingshan Industrial Park, etc. The display of EXC-ECCP4.0 cloud control platform also attracted exhibitors to stop and enjoy. EXC has always adhered to the original intention: lighting control products are driven by technology, challenging technological innovation in the field, developing the latest technology, and solving the industry's top problems. Adhering to the heart of a craftsman, we create exquisite works, use smart lighting to enhance the night scenes of many cities, and lead the trend of management and control of smart city lighting.

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