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"M+W" Lighting Art Shines the Light of the Bay Area

From the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022, the Qianhai Bay exhibition area of Shenzhen Light and Shadow Art Season will be presented in multiple business districts and public spaces in Qianhai and Baoan on the banks of Qianhai Bay. Among them, "Landscape Coding-Encoding Landscape" exhibition is curated by Liu Mingxi, and Kwong Jialing is responsible for curating the Hong Kong Media Art Online exhibition section, which shines the light of the Bay Area through the integration of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Many artists from all over the world have also tailored a series of interesting works of art for this bay.

1. EXC landscape lighting helps "M+W" appear in Shenzhen

Xu Dongliang, a well-known lighting designer, has joined forces with Shenzhen Qianbaihui Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd., a local engineering company in Shenzhen, and Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd, a provider of intelligent landscape lighting and cloud control system solutions, to realize the lighting industry in light and shadow art creation, For the closed loop of construction and product, the work "M+W" uses a glass mirror structure on the outside to reflect the light of the city in this form, and the city seems to realize an infinite extension under the mirror.

The name of the work "M+W" is the abbreviation of Mirror+Water. The mirror surface and the water surface reflect the environment and blend into the scenery; while the internal passage is a digital visual miniature theater, which uses virtual exaggerated space to construct passages and arrange pixels. , post mirrors inside and outside. The shape is recognized due to the existence of the environment, and changes due to the change of the environment. The interior expands to infinity due to virtuality, and is associated with the entrant due to the combination of pixels and the way of movement.



The main materials of the work are tempered mirror glass and transparent plastic barrels. Inside, 3,696 discarded and recycled plastic bottles fill the inner wall of the installation, and the plastic bottles are respectively custom-made with Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. provides 3696 supporting point light source products. The entire internal passage is installed with video playing modules, forming a digital visual miniature theater. Through the lighting interaction control of the EXC landscape lighting system, it is possible to recognize people's actions and behaviors. According to the built-in behavior recognition algorithm, the interactive experience between lighting and people can be realized, creating a super immersive experience with a strong sense of substitution and infinite extension space, attracting people. Many spectators took pictures here.

2. How does EXC Landscape Lighting display "M+W" works

Dance with the light! The audience came to the scene of the "M+W" lighting work, and the gorgeous light and shadows swept across the wall like a wave, reflecting the city buildings in brilliance. They participated in it and enjoyed it. Every interaction, every recording, and every sharing constituted a gesture of "following the light". They shuttle between light and shadow, infiltrate Shenzhen's urban culture, spontaneously establish a sense of identity with it, and pass this "identity" to others, adding a little light to everyone's heart, making everyone Everyone has truly become a "Shenzhen luminous body". In the theater, 4 video works with different ideas were presented by Chinese and foreign visual artists. The "M+W" theater not only highlights the relationship between human civilization, the city, and the world, but also restores the public space to a place for children to play in the form of games.


From plan design improvement, day-to-day construction, and lighting test and installation one by one, the well-known designer Xu Dongliang, Shenzhen Qianbaihui Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd, and many others contributed to the realization of the project. In this city open to creators, the technology and art of the "M+W" lighting installation meet and blend. Let science and technology endow light with vivid life, let nature turn into symbols containing beauty, let art express expectations for the future, convey the warmth of light, and soothe people's hearts.

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