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EXC's Intelligent Power Supply System Has Been Greatly Upgraded

Ⅰ. EXC's lighting control system to achieve intelligent power supply

As an important part of the landscape lighting control system, the power supply and distribution system has an irreplaceable role. Intelligent power supply is an important function module in the industry-leading EXC-ECCP5.0 intelligent lighting cloud control integrated platform. Intelligent lighting cloud control system, based on efficient operation and maintenance of energy saving and emission reduction, integrated intelligent city-related management agencies and authorities, lighting control system using the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, with a strong business and massive data analysis and processing capabilities, and provides a clear and concise data statistics class graphical interface, visualization of GIS electronic map interface and other forms of visualization interface. It greatly enhances the intelligent management level of power supply control system. It provides a dual engine of management and energy saving for power supply management in smart cities, creates a new ecology of harmony between people and cities, people and environment, gives full play to the role of smart cities in promoting economic and social development, and creates good economic and social benefits.

EXC-ECCP5.0 intelligent lighting cloud control system breaks the information silo, with future-oriented, user-oriented Internet of Things thinking to establish an interoperable big data system, LED lighting control system to effectively improve urban management efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Ⅱ. EXC light control system intelligent power supply characteristics

Intelligent power supply control devices mainly consist of intelligent power module, intelligent Internet of Things switch, relay control module, AC contactor control module, current detection module, smart meter, intelligent monitoring module and other control modules. They can be configured according to different application requirements to fully meet the control requirements of different projects. The features are as follows:

(1) Modular design, can be selected according to the actual control loop, functional requirements, convenient and flexible;

(2) Multiple control modes can be controlled by direct load or control AC contactor control to meet different control needs;

(3) Distributed control system, all modules are intelligent equipment, each module has the ability to operate independently, through the bus and gateway communication, to achieve decentralized control, centralized management of the control idea;

(4) Weak electrochemical design, intelligent power supply is used to power the module;

(5) The lighting control system is easy to install, and all the equipment supports the standard 35mm standard guide rail;

(6) It has rich protocol support, can support MODBUS/RS485 bus protocol, RS232 serial protocol and so on.

Ⅲ. EXC's lighting control system intelligent power supply of the main module

(1) Intelligent Internet of Things module.

(2) Intelligent iot control module.

(3) Smart iot monitoring module.

(4) Smart iot power module.

(5) Smart electricity meter connected by smart things.

(6) Smart iot monitoring module.

(7) Intelligent iot lighting centralized control.

(8) Smart things and strong electric centralized control.

(9) Smart things strong electric control box.

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