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Fantasy Dragon Lin Palace, Looking for Mysterious Legends

In the illusory mythology, the dragon has already become a symbol of solemnity, blessing and auspiciousness. We can't help but imagine, in the modern light and shadow, what kind of scene does the dragon look like?

The project takes the legend of Longlin Palace as the starting point, combined with the landscape in the cave, sets up wonderful lighting presentations, and "love" enters the scene, not only the beauty of love, but also the preciousness of brotherhood, and the firmness and satisfaction of father-son relationship. Feelings of love in different age groups. EXC-LED provided wall washer uplight and floodlights for the project, and combined with projection equipment, it created a magical and blurred Dragon Palace, bringing visitors an immersive experience.

Led Wall Washer

Standing at the entrance of Longlin Palace, what I saw was such a strange scene. Thousands of EXC-LED wall washer uplights are dotted on both sides of the bridge. Water mist fills the air, and the cave is colorful and dazzling. The entire Longlin Palace seems to be on a rainbow, making people feel like they are in a fairyland.

Led Wall Washer

Entering Longlin Palace, the first thing that catches the eye is the colorful water curtain. The high-pressure water spray equipment sprays water mist continuously. Under the light of LED wall washer, there is a kind of hazy beauty, which is fascinating. The two dragon heads at Shuanglong Gorge are lifelike. Through the linkage of interactive projectors, water pattern lights and narrow beam floodlights, they show the majestic appearance of dragons to people. It is said that "if the water is not deep, there will be spirit if there is a dragon", and you can also feel the aura in the Dragon Palace. When the 12-meter-diameter, 16-meter-high stage 360-degree holographic gauze and 3-point projection method are also added, the strong visual impact and three-dimensional sense make people feel immersive, adding a lot of fun and interactivity to the game.

The grotesque stalactites, jagged stone walls, high and low lighting arrangements, and careful color matching present a colorful and colorful world for tourists. EXC provided nearly 2,000 floodlights for the project, with a simple appearance and a projection height ranging from 3 meters to 50 meters. They are suitable for the unique structure in the Longlin Palace. The angle can be adjusted horizontally. It is convenient for users and saves later maintenance costs. There are more than 200 scenic spots in Longlin Palace, thousands of floodlights in the project, to achieve neat and wonderful linkage, it is necessary to rely on EXC-LED Smart Lighting Strong Electric Cloud Control System to complete, this system can provide intelligent lighting for the project Efficient power management and control.

1. According to different usage requirements, EXC strong cloud control landscape lighting system provides four control modes

Mode scene control, strategy control, localization control strategy, multi-level control. The system supports remote meter reading, and realizes the automatic return of various power metering data such as electric energy, voltage, current, and power. At the same time, energy consumption statistics can be carried out for single distribution boxes, groups, and the whole, and various statistical graphics and statistical presentations and report output can be supported. Through the intelligent algorithm, data statistics such as chain ratio and year-on-year comparison can be realized, and the relationship between power consumption and time can be presented, so as to monitor power consumption more efficiently and find out abnormal power consumption and large power consumers in time. AI intelligently recommends energy-saving control methods to achieve the goal of saving resources and using electricity efficiently.

2. EXC electric cloud-controlled landscape lighting system has the function of fully automatic fault monitoring

Accurately locate the fault point and the cause of the fault, greatly reducing the workload of manual inspections and reducing the cost of operation and maintenance. It can realize the real-time detection of the operation monitoring of the front-end equipment, realize timely discovery and timely processing, and reduce the loss and impact caused by the fault. The fault types include network communication status, abnormal circuit switch, abnormal circuit current, phase loss, power failure, and voltage loss. Alarm, loss of current alarm, abnormal high temperature, door open alarm and other warning information. The platform intelligently analyzes the real-time data and historical data of the intelligent distribution box, and performs intelligent processing according to the fault level. The operation and maintenance personnel can obtain fault information through various methods such as the platform, mobile phone APP, and SMS, and troubleshoot quickly and conveniently. Effectively improve the maintenance response speed, reduce maintenance costs and workload, and greatly improve the stability of power supply and distribution of the system. The strong electricity cloud-controlled landscape lighting system also has operation and maintenance management functions, including functions such as data statistics center, user and authority management, equipment and asset management, fault alarm and work order management, so as to realize integrated operation and maintenance management.

The lighting design takes scenic architecture, mountains and rivers, plants, and landscapes as the carrier. Through the comprehensive application of modern science and technology such as light, shadow, and sound interactive experience, the dragon that exists in ancient myths and legends is vividly displayed in front of tourists, so that tourists can enjoy While enjoying the humanities and natural customs, feel the new vitality given to Longlin Palace by the art of light and shadow.

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