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Factors to Consider in LED Linear Light Applications

1. The type of LED linear light

The three main types of LED linear lights are pendant, surface mount or recessed.

1) The LED linear ceiling lamp is hung from the ceiling by a hanging wire, which is most suitable for rooms with spacious ceiling heights. These are also ideal for creating amazing accent lighting-think about hanging on reception desks, stairs or atriums.

2) Surface-mounted LED linear project light lamp are installed on the surface, which is suitable for situations where the chandelier is too low due to the height of the ceiling.

3) The recessed one, LED linear is embedded on the surface, whether it is ceiling, wall or floor. Provide a clean, uninterrupted light source route.

2. The curve of LED linear light

LED linear lights can be straight or shaped to create dramatic sculptures for best results.

Straight contours usually produce more subtle effects, but can also be used to create eye-catching geometric designs.

Curved contours usually help to create flow in the space and give a feeling of movement. Circular contours are often used to help divide the space into zones, especially in open spaces. For example, hanging an LED ring lower than the surrounding lighting on the collaboration area creates a sense of focus.

3. The application of LED linear light

LED linear lights are very current and can be used in many lighting applications.

General lighting-This is a high-level lighting that can provide background light in the space. Pay attention to the uniform distribution of light to avoid vertigo.

Task lighting-This is focused light for specific tasks, such as a low-hanging LED ring on the collaboration area.

Ambient lighting-light used for aesthetic effects, such as projecting or reflecting the shape of unique architectural features or giving a sense of height to a room. Our embedded LED linear lights are very suitable for this situation. Let your imagination run wild, and have an amazing result!

LED linear lighting may be a dazzling minefield, with many different styles and parameters for you to choose from. However, you can create amazing and very cool lighting effects. For more information, please contact us, all of our friendly expert team from Exclighting will help you decide your needs!

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