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EXC Won the Honorary Title of Quality Brand Cultivation Enterprise

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Recently, the National Semiconductor Light Source Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Guangdong) awarded EXC the honorary plaque of "Quality Brand Cultivation Enterprise". Zhang Fengbin, President of EXC, and Yao Zhihui, Director of Dongguan Quality Supervision and Testing Center, Guangdong Province, attended the awarding ceremony. Both parties will work together Assist AICA to carry out all-round quality control and quality upgrades in terms of product raw materials, production technology, quality monitoring system and corporate integrity.

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The Dongguan Quality Supervision and Testing Center of Guangdong Province is a national scientific research innovation and quality basic platform. Over the years, Dongguan Quality Inspection has given full play to its role as a public service platform for inspection and testing, insisting on scientifically assessing quality, adhering to the bottom line with ingenuity, transferring trust between enterprises and the market, enhancing the quality competitiveness of enterprises, and serving the high-quality development of the industry. This award is the national authority's full recognition of the product quality of EXC shares, and the emphasis and encouragement on the cultivation of EXC lighting brand.

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Product quality is the cornerstone of the brand, and the brand is the core strength of an enterprise. Since the beginning of its establishment, EXC has always insisted on establishing a company based on its quality, starting with a sound quality management system, and implementing total quality management. In the future, AICA will stick to the quality as always and make every effort to build the brand. Actively practice brand quality exploration, never forget the original aspiration, forge ahead, pursue excellence and the ultimate in product quality and service quality, promote quality improvement, improve service quality and efficiency, and promote high-quality development of the enterprise.

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