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EXC Smart Street Lights Boost Asian Youth Games

Holding an international comprehensive sports meeting is a booster for a city's development and a test and improvement of a city's comprehensive strength. The East Campus of Shantou University and the Asian Youth Club are the venues for the opening ceremony and track and field and gymnastics competitions of the 2021 Shantou Asian Youth Games.

In accordance with the principle of "simplicity, safety and splendor", Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology, as a LED lighting company, provides various series of street lights for the East Campus of Shantou University, where the Asian Youth Games is held, creating a venue and garden environment with a strong humanistic atmosphere, which is conducive to the success of the Asian Youth Games. Finally, EXC presented a perfect answer.

1. Lark series smart street lights

The Lark series of smart street lights, combined with the characteristics of the Asian Youth Club, show the characteristics of youth, vitality, jumping and agility. The shape of street lights is integrated with the architectural style of the venue, adding a beautiful scenery to the Asian Youth Game.

The poles are 5 meters and 9 meters high, respectively, using NB-IOT communication technology, with current, voltage, power, temperature, electrical leakage detection functions, with over-current protection, short-circuit protection functions. It has advantages of multi-network smart switching backup, network disconnection data storage, network recovery and continued data transmission. It follows the planning and design principles of green humanities, inheritance and innovation, integration and sharing, convenience and safety, and flexibility and intensiveness.

The smart LED lights are equipped with LED modules, dimming drivers, single-light controller, NB IoT card, smart gateway, smart power supply, smart control and other equipment. Based on smart lighting, the system integrates video surveillance, public broadcasting, 5G microbase station (reserved) and other functions. With the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence technology as the core, it provides smart management and smart application of the daily operation of smart street lights, provides visual display and management, and facilitates real-time mastery of operational status and data to achieve refined management.

Its smart lighting function can adaptively switch lights on and off according to real-time brightness; brightness adjustment: realize brightness and power adjustment to achieve energy saving and emission reduction; automatic fault and work order distribution: realize fault monitoring, and automatically locate the fault location, and dispatch work orders to achieve quick maintenance.

2. Lark series lamp holder

The Lark series LED lamp holder has a simple and firm structure, excellent heat dissipation, strong corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and a longer service life. The lens is made of high-quality imported optical-grade materials, featuring deeply anti-glare, high-brightness and pure, simple and dynamic, artistic and functional. Smart lighting is realized thanks to LED module and dimming drive.

3. T2 5m landscape light

The T2 5m landscape light consists of LED 24W*2 flood lights, and the input voltage is DC24V. It has DMX512 dimming, color temperature of 3000K, color rendering index Ra>80, beam angle of 25°. The light outlet is equipped with honeycomb anti-glare device, so as to allow athletes to avoid the interference of glare and spill light before the competition and during the rest period. The lighting is evenly distributed, the color is pure, so the visual experience is more comfortable. The driver is placed inside the light pole to realize smart lighting and smart power supply functions.

4. T3 5m landscape light

The T3 5m landscape LED light is composed of LED 24W*3 flood lights, and the input voltage is DC24V. It has the color temperature of 3000K, the color rendering index Ra>80, the beam angle of 25°. The light outlet is also equipped with a honeycomb anti-glare device with the method of hoop installation. The driver is placed inside the light pole to realize smart lighting and smart power supply functions. The soft light source of the street lights creates a warm garden atmosphere.

5. TS1 20m landscape light

The TS120m landscape light is composed of LED 250W*4 flood light, dimming drive, smart power supply, professional light distribution lens and other equipment, with advantages of anti-ultraviolet aging, no glare and no pollution, suitable and uniform illumination and brightness, and ideal light color, which can create a good lighting environment. Fast heat dissipation is conducive to prolonging service life. It boasts convenient installation and debugging, energy saving, reliability and safety.

As the provider of the garden street lighting project of Shantou University East Campus and Venue (Phase I) of Asian Youth Games, EXC has brought a healthy, comfortable, smart and energy-saving light environment to the venue with high-quality professional smart street lighting products and overall solutions, so as to fully support the development of the "Asian Youth Games".

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