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2021.6 Lighting of Sartash Forest Park,Yekaterinburg, Russia

In Yekaterinburg, Russia, there is a rest avenue that passes through the Sartash Forest Park; this road is built around the Sartash Lake and is the main passage for the general public to drive, cycle and walk for leisure. Therefore, the lighting links along the road have also become a major safety factor.

After on-site research and the strong R&D strength of EXC-LED,  partner of EXC-LED in Russia, specially customized a comfortable light integrating lighting and leisure for this rest avenue.

Partner of EXC-LED customized the groove of the lamp pole to perfectly inlay the full-color EXC LED linear project light lamp with DMX control. The color of the lamp body is sprayed to be the same olive gray as the lamp pole, the fixing holes on the side wings are also changed to smaller round holes with a diameter of 4.5mm, and the transparent end cover ensures the continuity and consistency of the lighting effect. 146 light poles and nearly a thousand linear lights are integrated: during the day, it hides its figure, and at night it turns into a bright and colorful smart light pole. With the help of the DMX control system, partner of EXC-LED has customized nearly 10 lighting effects for the light poles to meet the various needs of citizens and rest.