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2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has been successfully concluded, but the contest of strength is still surging. Who is the biggest winner in this contest? All exhibitors and visitors have their own considerations!

At 14:00 on June 12, the 21st Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was successfully concluded. During the Sunlight Asia Exhibition from June 9th to June 12th, the intelligent and scene-oriented LED lighting booth of Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd. gathered a lot of popularity in the LED lighting exhibition hall and became a veritable king of popularity. As the world's largest manufacturer of LED outdoor point light sources and the first brand of outdoor landscape lighting products in China, EXC demonstrated the world's most advanced LED intelligent interactive control, wireless linkage control technology, products, and applications at the exhibition, and successfully received It has attracted thousands of visitors and attracted businessmen from all over the country, the United States, Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and other countries and regions. Many cooperation projects are under further negotiation.

Wireless linkage, intelligent interaction

Stop at the EXC booth in Hall 11.2. The high-definition TV above the front desk shows EXC’s classic cases, high-quality products, and company introductions all over the world so that on-site customers can quickly understand EXC’s intelligent lighting, and it also indicates that EXC’s intelligent lighting can be quickly understood. Wright officially sounded the clarion call for the "tough battle" of the brand strategy.

Entering the Smart Lighting Experience Exhibition Area of EXC’s what is interesting is the urban lighting scene, and it is amazing to have a variety of urban lighting simulation scene lighting experiences. It is reported that the biggest highlight of EXC's booth is the implementation of the overall wireless linkage control and intelligent interactive control technology of the super city building complex. The three core products are LED outdoor point light sources, LED outdoor line light sources, and LED high-power wall washers. Point light sources The product adopts the most advanced new generation DMX control chip, which has the advantages of fault detection and feedback, interactive entertainment, and visual management. The shape of the booth makes the customers' eyes shine brightly, adopting the visual image of the urban architectural skyline silhouette, echoing inside and out, cleverly blending together, outlining the future lighting application full of infinite innovation, and dedicating gluttony to the customers who come to the exhibition. feast. In the exhibition area, multiple "city" and "light and shadow" elements are combined with each other to successfully achieve the harmonious unity of technology, design, and humanities, fully demonstrating the strong design and development strength, leading product concepts, advanced service concepts, and outstanding Team image.

Among them, the exhibition site focused on displaying a new generation of the man-machine interactive lighting control systems and launched the EXC’s Interactive Light Experience PK event. In the event, the human-machine lighting interactive control system was integrated into the on-site game. Through the host’s on-site introduction and inviting customers to experience, interact, and PK on-site, it promoted the realization of the interconnection between people and lighting.

During the development of the Guangya Exhibition, Aclaite became a representative enterprise in the field of urban landscape lighting. Many exhibitors came to find out. They were very curious about EXC’s outdoor linear light intelligent control products. This time, EXC’s booth became The booth was overwhelmingly popular at Guangya Exhibition.

At the exhibition, Eclat carried out three major activities, one is the "Scan the QR code to be courteous, immediately surprise" activities, as long as you follow Eclat’s official WeChat account and forward the first message to the audience, you can get a beautiful gift. The second is "If you know the light, love you, know you"-the solicitation of lighting design drafts for the light art exhibition area of EXC’S exhibition hall, which attracted many designers to stop and watch. The third is the "PK Light PK You" lighting interactive experience activity, which has attracted many new and old customers to actively participate in the experience.

In just a few days, EXC gathered a lot of popularity in the exhibition, receiving thousands of customers every day, and the exhibitors still lingered at the EXC booth every day when the exhibition was closed. The on-site staff are sincere and enthusiastic and serve every customer who comes to the booth with heart.

At the same time that the EXC LED light company China Guangya exhibition site was very popular, the headquarters of EXC also welcomed a large number of customers from home and abroad to visit and inspect and reached further cooperation intentions.

The success of the Guangya Exhibition is inseparable from all-around and multi-angle media communication. In a series of exhibition activities of EXC, media including industry, finance, and mass media participated in reporting and dissemination, including NetEase, Tencent, Sina, and other media. In the lens and on the screen, Eclat showed off his elegance under the focus of the media.

Smart lighting detonates the industry

According to relevant statistics, this exhibition welcomed visitors from 120 countries and regions. The world's top well-known LED brand companies gathered here to showcase the most innovative lighting products and cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, the integration of LED technology is another feature of the 2016 exhibition. The exhibition comprehensively showcases the most advanced products, controls, equipment, and applications of the entire LED industry chain, creating a one-stop procurement platform for the industry.

EXC's technicians and staff set up the exhibition

The Canton Fair is the weather vane of China's foreign trade market. As the world's largest lighting industry exhibition, Guangya Exhibition is the weather vane and barometer of the global lighting and LED industry. What is different from the past is that the biggest highlight of this year's Guangya Expo is that intelligent LED lighting products are blooming, and the previous conceptual products have achieved marketization. According to market demand, EXC dispatched professional and technical personnel to carry out the exhibition, and strived to introduce wireless linkage control and intelligent interactive control technology, products, and applications on the spot, which were favored by many visitors. In addition, with the industry's first ultra-large-scale application of RGBW technology, the industry's first ultra-large-scale application of large-span four-color visual consistency technology, the industry's first ultra-large-scale application of two-way fault feedback technology successively in Nanchang, one river and two banks, Wuhan Two Rivers and Four Banks, G20 Summit-Hangzhou Qianjiang New City was successfully applied, and it became a pioneering brand in the global architectural facade LED media display.

Current data shows that LED smart lighting can save more than 80% of electricity, and EXC is now focusing on such smart LED outdoor lighting products. With the outbreak of the intelligent lighting market, in the future, EXC will further penetrate into the field of intelligent control lighting by doing LED city lighting intelligent lighting and continue to cover every city in the world to create a quality life of LED intelligent lighting.

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